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Pictured:EvelynHart in “TheDying Swan.” Photo: SharenBradford

my productionmanagement skills tookme in another direction. I worked as a corporate event planner for the next 15 years, and pho- tographed dance inmy spare time. In the summer of 2001, a diagnosis of breast cancer coupledwith a layoff frommy event planning job changed everything.Duringmy cancer treatment and unemployment, I reflected on the directionmy life had taken and what Iwanted for the future. Event planning paidwell, but itwas just a job.Dance photography had become a hobby. That realization promptedme to return to dance photography full time.With the sup- port and encouragement ofmy husband, friends and family, I began TheDancing Image.My joy andmy passion are reunited. Like the final image ofmy thesis composition, I amwhole again.”

Each story is as different as each image, but there is one underlying current youwill see in all, and that is a passion for capturing dance and the capabilities of the human body.

Celebrating photographerswho lovewhat they do, i.e. capturing

Pictured:BruceWoodDance Company in “No Sea to Sail In.” Photo: SharenBradford

images of dancerswhowere born to dowhat they do is a beautiful combination, quite literally.My suggestion to you is, soak it up and go into your own ‘sponge’mode. You never knowwhere inspirationwill take you.After all, it hasmewriting this for your eyes to read, and I did not see that one coming. I do love a good surprise.

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a publication of the dance council of north texas

vol. 14 •

no. 2

may 2011

page 19

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