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bility and agility that are needed for just this onemovement”

3. “Shooting dance is a skills test for the photographer aswell. There is no oneway. There are toomany variables. You have towatch the dancers, anticipate largemovements like jumps, anticipate the last lit- tle lift or nuance at the end of a quietmovement. But there is nothing like the thrill of “nailing” the apex of a jump or the very height of an arabesque or kick. It is so thrilling formewhen I catch themat that pinnacle.” 4. “This is one ofmymost favorite pictures. Itwas taken almost 25 years ago...Hershelwas amajor football starwho had appreciation of dance and couldmove pretty gracefully for aman of his size and build.What fascinatedmewas that I shot this ballet twice, and there were frames fromthe samemovement that I could lay one on top of the other and see thatHershelwas exactly in the same position both times.His body controlwas so developed that he could repeat these strangemovementswith absolute precision.”

Marty Sohl “I love the intimacy and depth of the Lines Ballet photos. I love smoke, jumps, and flying hair! ImissMetropolitan Classical Ballet, and photographing the lovelyOlga Pavlova!

Pictured: LinesBallet. Photo:Marty Sohl

stand next to a ballerina, and they seemso delicate I think I could give one big puff and blowthemaway. But then they do some extraordinarymovement that involves incredible strength and bal- ance and I amaghast at the strength they really have. Here is an example. It is a great example of the kind of balance, strength, flexi-

“Iwas a professional dancer (ballet,mostly) for about 10 years. I knewI’d have to retire someday, andwanted to continue to be around dance and dancers. Becoming a dance photographermade sense. I love dance - especially ballet - and opera. Being in the theater - around peoplewho are passionate about their art - is inspiring to

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KJDance celebrates19years inPlano withthisyear’s grandopeningof itsbeautifulnewfacilityatLakesideMarket.

Please celebratewithusbystopping inandtaking a tour.Ourdancers studyballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, tap,musical theater andpilates..


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