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Medical Malpractice

Executive Director's Message

David B. Walls, CAE, CMP ecently,

R the MAJ Medical Negligence Section

hosted its annual seminar in Columbia, Maryland. I was asked to introduce the seminar and give opening

remarks. Tis duty gave me the opportunity to reflect on the great things this organization does for its members and how truly honored I feel to be the Executive Director. Tis has been a strong year for the Association. In spite

of the economic challenges we have been facing for the past two years, membership is the highest it has ever been and the Association remains financially strong. Staff and I understand that many of you are facing some of the same unique financial challenges, and like you, we’ve made some hard choices in order to control expenses leaving the Association in its strong position.

Te primary reasons we’ve remain a strong and successful

Association is because of loyal and supportive members. Tank You.

MAJ members and sponsors have kept the Association

vibrant and have given the resources to keep dues at a reasonable rate with NO increase in over five years. Members and sponsors have also provided the resources to keep our popular and informative CLE programs at a reasonable cost. Trough your support, members have also contributed to a successful legislative session. MAJ’s legislative team worked hard to make great strides during this year’s session. A strong organization brings a strong voice to Annapolis and the results show. You can find the highlights of this year’s session on pages 8 and 9. My hope is that we are nearing the end of this economic

trend and beginning to recover. As we do, the Association stands poised to help all members with the value, leadership and resources necessary for your success. In order for us to continue to bring value to members,

a survey is being sent to all members soliciting feedback on current MAJ programs and to ask for ideas for new project. Tis survey is an important planning tool for the various

6 Trial Reporter / Summer 2010 Sections and Committees Co-Chairs as well as Board

members. Your responses help the leadership prepare for the coming year and for the biennial Long-Range Planning Retreat in October. During the Long-Range Planning Retreat, the leadership sets the course for the Association’s direction for the next three to five years. It’s important that you feedback is included in the reports so I ask that you complete the survey as soon as you can. In an effort to move forward, some new resources have

already been added to help bring you more value. Te MAJ Career Center opened in April and the MAJ LawyerSearch launches July 1. Work on these projects has already been done in preparation for the debut of MAJ’s redesigned website. Te new website features an interactive front page with up-to-date information and news. Te site also has smart navigation, areas specifically designed for either attorneys or the public, and features to enhance social networking and integration with the new interactive listserv features. Te website is a strong tool that can give you the resources

to help with your current cases or options to assist in finding new cases. Te launch is slated for early July. Finally, if you missed the President’s Dinner on May 22,

you missed a great event. Te President’s Dinner is when the Association officially changes leadership. Te evening included a visit from Governor Martin O’Malley, attendance of many judges, commissioners and local delegates and representatives

along with many esteemed attorneys

throughout Maryland and Washington, DC. Pages 32 and 33 feature pictures of the event. Plans are underway for next year’s event and I hope to see you. Te staff and I anxiously await working with you and our

new leadership (see a complete list on the inside back cover of this issue) on another successful year and stand poised to assist you with helping you help your clients. If there is anything we can do to make your journey easier, please contact us. Good luck and have a fun and safe summer vacation. 

Biography David B. Walls, CAE, CMP is the Executive Director

of the Maryland Association for Justice. In this capacity, Mr. Walls is responsible for the overall operations of the Association. Former managing director for ELM Services, Inc., Mr. Walls has spent more than 25 years in the association, meeting planning and hospitality industries. He earned the prestigious Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation in 2004 and earned his Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Designation in 1991.

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