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The Big Awakening for Business Owners 2010
Stimulate your
on’t miss a priceless opportunity to join a team
of key business owners in the area that will learn
inner ability to heal
how to achieve their personal and business goals
with personalized, effective
while leveraging on their results to better serve the
homeopathic care.
For all ages, men, women, and children.
Growth Coaches Jonathan Fanning, John Raquet,
Nate Kauffman and Deborah Turner are passionate
about walking alongside business leaders to map out
the future they want to create. Hearing many business
owners in the holistic, arts and service fields ask for assistance on getting a better Janice Solomon • 914.522.0913
handle on their businesses, “we wanted to offer this to the community because we
find that people who own businesses often feel that their businesses own them. Our
goal is to help them shift that by offering this unique and strategic practice to help
them create a roadmap to better manage their business, drive success, connect with
their life’s purpose and gain more peace and balance in their lives.”
Their clients enjoy the mix of honesty, humor, and vision used to paint a picture
of their future business and life. Focus is on leading small business owners, managers
and professionals through The Growth Coach’s proven process—helping clients slow
down, reflect, face reality, map out and implement the critical changes necessary
to improve their businesses and lives while networking with other like businesses
in their community. “What future would you like us to help you create? It’s your
vision. We are committed to helping you get there!” says Fanning.
To learn more or to arrange an appointment, contact First class
starts in February so register soon to obtain a discount off standard pricing.
Climate Mama Helps Busy Parents Make
Sense of & Take Action on Climate Change
limate Mama LLC, a new online education, advocacy
and information web site, helps busy parents of all ages
make the right choices, when it comes to climate change and
global warming. Climate Mama presents the facts on climate
change in a clear and straightforward format and empowers
and enables parents to make the right choices for themselves
and for their families.
“As a parent, I was constantly searching for a reliable and trusted source of
information on climate change. A place designed specifically with parents in mind,
that offered up-to-date information on the politics, the science and the resources
behind the issues; a place where I could go to quickly and easily to find what I was
looking for, for myself and for my family. I couldn’t find this place, so I created it.”
said Harriet Shugarman, Founder of Climate Mama and Bergen County resident.
Climate Mama regularly features stories about ordinary people, “Climate Mamas
and Papas”, doing extraordinary things and making a difference in the fight against
climate change. It also identifies products, services and resources that help parents
lower their carbon footprint, and make more sustainable choices for themselves and
for their families.
Harriet Shugarman, has worked on environmental issues for many years. In
2007, Harriet was chosen to train directly with Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, as a
Climate Messenger for The Climate Project. “Harriet Shugarman is an outstanding
example of citizens worldwide who have been energized by the call to action on
the climate crisis,” said Gore. Climate Mama will donate 10% of its profits to The
Climate Project.
For more information on Climate Mama, go to or contact Harriet
Shugarman at 201 906 2675 or
natural awakenings January 2010
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