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keris marsden
said it
Driven by a passion for group training, the
be done.
freelance personal trainer talks about her new So we
venture, Fitter London, and how she tries to
did it.
keep her classes fresh and innovative
What is Fitter London? And the benefi ts?
Group exercise sessions for Londoners That’s easy, the smiles on people’s
tired of the treadmill. Created by me and faces during the sessions, and watching
mMory pareActivtner Matthee4Life will aim to gw Whitmore, who’et a million people acrs a how friendships deoss the UK morvelop, make ee activvery e
full-time personal trainer at Fitness First bit of hard work worthwhile.
vent Gar
e hold one-hour sessions
tive4life launches in june
at the Fitness First club and in St James As the process was one of trial
Park – and ne
ore tver rhan 1epeat a w,200 heaorklth cout twicelubs and . and imprThe goveorvnement,ment has a what big lready allocated
Sessions range frleisure cenom grtres houp cycling,ave register ed to lessons ha£200,000 to vke yicksou learned?tart the campaign, which
rugby drills,be p kettlebells,art of the M plyoometrics and reActive4Life Tis bo consider the needs of all yeing promoted by specialisour ts KTB.
rcelaamys to egg-and-spoon races and tug o’ paign, a sub-brand of the government’s members.“Using C The people who attend our hange4Life as a door-opener,
warCha. nThe atmospherge4Life initiative ye, cou can crreated to geate in a et one classes coclubs and lveer a huge spectrum of fiisure centres are partn tness ering
grmoup session can instantlillion people more activey lift individuals . abilities.with ma Some arjor brande almost athletes while s such as Tesco and
and the camaraderie is a rSet to launch this monteal motivatorh, the summe. r others haAsda, as wve neell avs ler stepped focal GPs anoot in a gd PCTs,” ym
coGyms and classes can be intimidating if nsumer campaign has been developed befsayors De.a Fveedback frid Stalker, Fom beginners has led IA operations
ybou’y thre not pare FIA for mticularlembey firs o t or a bit out of f UK health us to stardirector. “t a class called Fitter 1st FIA members can now pTimers osition
shaclubpes a, so wnd lee trisury to make centrese fi. It w tness mill invouch lve ftor people just getting into exhemselves as partners to helerp tciseack. I le our
morFIA oe fun,pera accessible and ating members woppealing to rking with vividlnatioy rnal hemember hoealth problw tough mem at a locy fial l rst evel.”
people of all fithe governme ntness let, as wevlels.l as n With twational o of us few runs wParticipaertine and hog clubs aw I wanted to nd leisure centres
running ecommercviaerl ay class thrnd media poughout the wartners, to eek, givhave up so mane access to by times.randed m When I starerchandisted e and
wpre’orve able to givide consumee the frs witeel of personal h access to a wide training,promot miony fial m rst run lasted all of fiaterial. For further d ve etails,
training,range of a but without the cost.ctivities. We’ve also minconutes! tact: This class allomoreactive4liws us to ffe@fi a.orgocus our .uk
set up a Fitter London Facebook group full attention on the newbies and help
to create a social network for exercisers them conquer their exercise hang-ups.
and to inf
orm them of classes.
s promote n
w a
cise is hard w
ork and can be boring,
ition to

Wattbike is the first exercise
so we’ve had to make a concerted effort to
What ar
e the challenges in
ical fi tness
bike to be endorsed by British
look f
or ne
de o
w training ideas,
f pr
classes and
actice Cycling because it gives
running the company? equipment to continually keep exercisers
accurate and comparable
AlSix sways hachooving to dels across Evelop nengland – iw class n Luton, motivated.Fitness Fir sAlthough wt is the latee’svt e become friends operator to join
measurements of power
concepts that yManchester, Nou hope eorth Tyneversidye aone will enjond two in y, with the Fitter Londoners,a select group of compan wiee ars the the at meet
output in watts, can be used
and that can be adaDevon – have trialpted to the diffled the new FIerA Yent oung prthofe Fessionals and therIA Code of Praceftoricee ha. ve to plan
by anyone and feels as realistic
fiA tness lembassavdels,or p is time consuming.rogramme in as sAt fioci arst I tion sessions carThe accreefullditay so thetion is dy run smoothlesigned to y.
as indoor cycling gets. And it’s
wanted to please ewith local FIA mevmerbyeone in ers. very class, increase investor, government and
affordable too.
but it’ Ths unre piloealistic with grt, which invooup sessions.lved six Youn g Hoconw do ysumer coou see Fitter nfi dence by highlighting
Ambassadors aged 10- to 11-years-old, London declubs that reavceloping?h FIA quality standards for
Wattbike, the result of seven
was designed to assess the impact of peer In small, custom Therer ce’as so mre and huch wealte h delivery.
years work and a brief British
leaders in running an activity programme. wish to do: John Ga rmecruit morble, MD oe trainers,f Fitness F starirst t,
Cycling said would be impossible,
The ambassadors were responsible for nsutrition serays: “The Cvices,ode w sporas atsn ewear and social xcellent way
is already helping them take
motivating their peers as well as ensuring eto dvents.ev It’elos easy to get carp our in-house pried arotwaocyo. Wls ae’s ire t
cycling to the next level.
they adhered to the programme. They curshorwentled wy dehveeloping Fitter Friendships re we could improve. The
also acted as intermediaries between with companies that supporCode also demonstrates a ct what wommite’mree nt
the children, their teachers and the FIA doing,to ou such as Natural Balance fr customers.” oods
programme leaders. which prOther aovides healthccredited ly cereisueal bars fre or the
Although a detailed analysis of exorergacisers.nisati But fons inor nocludwe B, wee’lpre fheocusing on r Leisure
the programme’s impact is yet to be building what wCentre, Centre haal YvMe befCAor, De wC Le preisogrureess ,
Fun sessions include space hopping completed, there was a clear increase in – and eLA Fitnveentuallss, thy achiee Reebvoe our drk Club, Deam of oncaa ster
rtelahe ays and egg-and-spoon racesmbassadors’ self esteem. fiD tter wome aorld! Details:nd SLM. fi
08448 759 547
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e will
Wattbike take you?
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