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Ron Jackson, written with a greater
sensitivity to cool climate
conditions and with a greater
emphasis on viticulture.
A tradition of quality
pages from a total 655 pages) is
The first half of the text (280
and service. Family
devoted to grapes and viticulture. I
owned and operated.
was impressed that the author had
up to date information on topics
such as Mycorrhizal symbiosis (a
a73 Complete Irrigation Supplies
favourite topic of mine).
are questioned and the pros and
Many of the “givens” of viticulture
a73 Free Estimates
cons are listed. For example,
Jackson has pointed out that it is
often difficult to separate yield
effects from canopy shading, which
is usually associated with high yield
you can rely on.
a73 Professional Consultation
and System Planning
and vine vigour.
that stressing a vine leads to higher
He similarly discusses the “given”
wine quality, but concludes that the
better route to quality is achieved
by balanced growth, which
encompasses appropriate levels of
Serving the Okanagan’ s irrigation needs for over 30 years
leaf area and crop level.
8950 347th A venue a79 Oliver a79 485-0246
author’s discussion, but on matters
I didn’t always agree with the
of opinion that’s to be expected.
The book is well illustrated with
many graphs and tables which
assist the discussions. The topics
T em por ar y buildings.
typically contain 100 to 200
references at the end of each
P er manent solutions.
wine text ever written by a
This is the most comprehensive
For your accommodation needs
Canadian. Jackson’s obsession
with wine began in the Botany
Department at Brandon University.
He is now affiliated with the Cool
Climate Oenology and Viticulture
Institute of Brock University, St
Catherines, ON.
Practice, Perception
Wine Science: Principles,
Whether you require a single unit or have a custom-built project, one call to
edition) 2000. Jackson, Ron.
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