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normal performance. synthetic medium, but must be
has been additional research
During the intervening years there propagated via the infection of living
to determine if resistance to Phylloxera
conducted with regard to mycorrhizal
root tissue.
is imparted.
infection of grapes, and commercial
preparations of inoculum have become
fungus in the laboratory. It can also
This complicates the detection of the managed mycorrhizal infection of a
The bottom line is that a carefully
readily available from a number of
contribute to the failure of
vineyard can perform many of the
functions for which we now rely on
producers. What kind of performance
preinoculation of plants prior to rootstocks.
enhancement can we expect?
planting, because most root hairs die
during transplanting. microbial management increases, w
When our knowledge of soil
already be an infection present and
Under some conditions there may should be able to add this factor
little or no result may be achieved by
roots, added to soil at planting, are the
Spore suspensions from infected
routinely to the strategies for
usual inoculum. optimization of quality and yield in
symbiotic fungi infect the roots of
Glomus and other related species of mycorrhizae impart resistance to other
There have been reports that
approximately 90 per cent of plant
fungi and to nematodes. I was unable at
— Gary Strachan can be reached
species. The infection is suppressed by
clean cultivation or by herbicides.
extensive network of fine fungal
Under permanent sod conditions an
filaments is formed which increases
the mineral and water-gathering
capacity of the host plants.
by plant photosynthesis and in return
The fungus receives glucose created
creates an extension of the plant’s root
a vineyard can buffer the vineyard
A mycorrhizal-infected sod cover in
against plant water deficiencies during
hot spells.
stimulus for mycorrhizal growth, and
Water stress in plants provides
thus enhances water gathering
capacity of the plant. In some grape
nurseries, it is a practice to slightly
MAX Controlled Release Fertilizers
water-stress plants in order to
Proven by independent research to improve fruit quality
stimulate Glomerus growth in
and yields with one annual application.
inoculated plants prior to release.
growth and death of filaments
In addition, the annual cycle of
Liquid Fertilizer
increases soil humus, assists soil
Featuring 28-0-0, 10-34-0, 3-10-10, 15-0-0-20 ATS and
particle agglomeration, assists
chelated micronutrients. Available in bulk and 1000
aeration, and inhibits soil compaction.
litre, 200 litre or 20 litre containers.
surface receptors that enable
It has been shown that the same cell
Rhizobium infection in legumes, also
Foliar Fertilizer
enables Glomerus infection. This begs
Research proven ZincMAX and the complete range of
the question of whether nitrogen fixing
NutriAg secondary and micro nutrients.
legumes in a vineyard alley could
provide a nitrogen supply for the
vineyard. I have not seen information
Plant Protection Products
to answer that question.
We now offer a complete range of fungicides, insecticides
and herbicides from our certified storage warehouse.
outer skin (epidermis) layer of the
The fungus typically pierces the
root, colonizes the cortex, produces
swollen cells (arbuscules), and creates
a filamentous network (hyphae). Root
extension is inhibited but branching is
stimulated by an infection.
efficient in an infected root, especially
In general, mineral uptake is more
with regard to the less soluble minerals
such as phosphorus, zinc, and copper.
Glomerus cannot be cultured in • 1-800-361-4600 • 250-838-6414
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British Columbia FRUIT GROWER • Spring 2009
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