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Fungus-infected grape canes and clusters.
The fungus a
The dark patches on the canes are caused
by powdery mildew and the shrivelled
berries are caused by botrytis.
mong us
Careful management
been a few companies in the business
of vine infections can
for up to 20 years. Why would you
mycorrhizal fungus from one of the
bother to add expense and labour to
species of Glomus.
produce beneficial
inoculate a non-legume crop? climax infectious agent, it must either
I reasoned that if Glomus was a
fungi over 10 years ago when I tried to
I became interested in symbiotic impart resistance to other infections,
figure out why a weakened circle of
or it must out-compete other
Pinot noir vines was expanding year
infections in some way. I drilled a
By Gary Strachan
after year. Somewhere I had read that
water suspension of Glomus into the
hen grape growers think of a
most old vineyards eventually develop
root zone of the affected vines and I
fungal infection, it’s mostly
a symbiotic relationship with a
was pleasantly surprised that over the
next few years the vines recovered to
another powdery mildew spray. Add a
about whether to apply
few thoughts about sour rot, bunch
rot, ESCA, dead arm disease, and root
rots and it’s enough to give a person
nightmares about advancing slimes
coming to devour your livelihood.
student lectures that Rhizobium
I can still remember from aggie
bacterial infection was essential for the
growth of legumes, and there were also
• Cover-All
buildings are quick to install
symbiotic fungi that can enhance the
and relocate.
yield of non nitrogen fixing crops such
• Naturally bright daytime atmosphere
as corn.
requires no additional lighting.
any farmer will tell you that you
That was over 40 years ago. Almost
• Unlimited building applications.
require a Rhizobium inoculum when
you plant clovers, but few are aware of
a fungal inoculum that can assist the
growth of other crops.
Cover-All Building Systems, Inc. is an
ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facility.
Cover-All Buildings BC Cover-All Pacific
commercial availability of symbiotic
I have only become aware of the
BC Interior/Fraser Valley Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island
fungal inoculum during the past 10 or
866.935.4888 866.399.7572
so years, although I think there have
British Columbia 4.75" x 3.75"FRUIT GROWER • Spring 2009
Publication: BC Fruit Grower Magazine - Dec 1, 2006
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