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Orchard Management
yers at the table
By Peter Waterman
Evaluation process is key
to the future success, or
This is especially so
when it comes to
failure, of new apple
introducing new
varieties to fill
market niches for
timing or
hen I was budding and
preferences to meet
planting nursery stock
new or different
had been accepted as a new, exciting
during the early 1990s Gala
industry-wide committee of 18 tree
To this end an
fruit personnel was struck that
Prices, believe it or not, were in the
I thought I was getting in late.
brought the breeding and evaluation
SPA 493
60 to 75 cent range. Fuji, especially
program at PARC, the Plant
with the bagging program that
Improvement Company, B.C. Tree
harvest handling and post-harvest
produced gorgeous pink fruit, fetched
Fruits and the Okanagan Tree Fruit
handling and special storage
tremendous returns. Braeburn also
Company all together to form the
requirements will be examined.
initially returned good prices.
New Variety Strategic Planning
Jonagold initially was incredible,
evaluation the variety can be either
All along the continuum of
topping the taste tests.
variety, Ambrosia, received this sort
To some degree the relatively new
be spurred on, or discontinued. If
this process proceeds with sincere
all somebody else’s varieties. Gala did
The difficulty was that these were
of attention. It. along with Aurora
evaluation, the risk to the grower, the
well for a long time and continues to
Golden Gala, Nicola and perhaps the
industry as a whole and ultimately
do well, although reduced from the
yet-to-be-named cultivar SPA 493
prices of the past, as volumes
will become part of this new
the risk of the consumer receiving
streaming of cooperation.
less than satisfactory product will be
greatly reduced.
harvest and postharvest program,
We have had a good preharvest,
sensory evaluation, grower
Right from the breeding program,
with extensive development of
production methods, harvest indices,
orchardist and horticulturist. He can be
— Peter Waterman is a retired
contacted at
handling criteria, including starch
charts relating to best harvesting
windows for regular and long-hold
CA storage.
gathering many samples of all
Our valley-wide program involved
varieties, starting in early August
checking starch and colour
development with the result of the
• Articulated steering models
selection of harvest dates for the best
• RevGuide System (r eversible station)
harvest window for each variety. The
• 540 E/540 PTO, most with wet PTO clutches
• Fr ont/Rear dif fer ential lock
program is being tightened up each
• Low pr ofile and open station models
• Oscillating fr ont axles for secur e traction
• 2 year/2,000 hour warranty
packinghouses have consolidated
Over the last few years the
operations. This gives the industry
many operational advantages over
the previous structure. Grades are
more uniform, truckloads of fruit are
more uniform and storage opening
dates can be strategically controlled
more efficiently.
quality reaching the consumer and all
This tightening up allows for better TURBO-MIST or char d and vineyar d
things being equal, better returns for
the grower.
200 to 400 GAL stainlesss steel tanks
19” to 30” turbines, low drift towers
MAJOR W eed spray tanks, budget 675 Adams Court, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 7S2
industry that that there was still
It was obvious to many in the
or char d sprayers and 3PT hitch sprayers Phone: 250-765-9765 T oll-fr ee: 877-765-3337
room for considerable improvement.
with or without low drift towers.
Fax: 250-765-9102
3PT hitch sizes 50 GAL to 120 GAL
W ebsite: www
British Columbia FRUIT GROWER • Spring 2009
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