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as-yet-unnamed cherry variety,
numbered SPC 136, an early one.
changed and they concentrated on
50 acres of orchard and the fruit and planted more than 12,000
The family cleared eight acres
Verpaelst from the Okanagan Tree
Their field adviser is Nicole market. trees with such efficiency that it
Fruit Cooperative. hundreds of bins of apples and
The farm produced many made their Kelowna nurseryman
envious, he comments.
Arysta LifeSciences Inc.
The award is sponsored by pears, 50 tons of peaches and 80
tons of tomatoes, all sold through completed in 2003 with 2.5 acres
The process of replanting was
to Greg Sanderson and Joyce
The Golden Apple Award went the fruit stand. of Gala, 2.5 acres of Ambrosia, 1.2
Barton of Cawston for last year’s
acres each of Aurora, Spartan and
crop of Goldens, Spartans, Sunrise
Kathryn Miskulin and they are
Their horticultural advisor is
and Ambrosias.
OTFC growers. The award sponsor
Granny Smith.
is Chemtura Canada Co. Lapin cherries was planted in
In addition, a 1.5-acre block of
of very high quality fruit,”
“They had excellent production
commented Campbell.
2008 went to Doug and Nora
The Compact Orchard Award for 1998.
Crumback of Summerland, along
of pears, peaches and nectarines,
Currently they operate 30 acres with their blended family of seven
for Doug, following a career in
“It’s been a steep learning curve
apples and some ground crops.
children—Geoff, Stephanie, Jenna,
military air traffic control to an
Jason, Michelle, Veronica and
orchard and bee keeping.
Sanderson family farm in 1979
They became involved in the Jonathan. rewarding and they enjoy the
“They’ve found the journey very
when they purchased 20 acres on
the Cawston bench.
1995 and purchased Doug’s
They moved to Summerland in community of their neighbouring
parents’ orchard. (They still help
fellow growers,” says Campbell.
members, they operated about 150
In partnership with other family out from time to time.) all the jobs done.
The family works together to get
acres of orchard and ground crops,
and also operated Sanderson Fruit
of fellow orchardists, field and
“With the advice and assistance
Market in Keremeos.
extension staff, they began a
nominated by their fieldman,
The Crumback orchard was
Steve Brown of OTFC.
In 1983, the partnership
nursery and replanted the orchard
an acre at a time,” says Campbell. Agro Sciences Canada Inc.
Sponsor of the award is Dow
Edwards forklifts — Best Save money with Edwards
Stop soil compaction with
built unit in the industry pruning sweepers
Y anmar orchard and vineyard
• 2000lb, 2500lbs or 4000lbs • Rake and mow in one
crawler tractors
lift capacities
Used tractors
and equipment
• 52" or 65" width
• 5'-12' lift hights
• Reduces manual labour
a73 • 2.9 psi ground pressure (wide track)
• Adjustable forks
• Gentle on trees, vines and
Custom fabrication
• Rubber tracks
• Mountings for most tractors
irrigation and hydraulics
• Easy operation a73
• Conventional steering wheel
• Optional auxiliary hydraulic
Rabaud • Factory cab with A/C
• Many mounting options
post pounders
• Single or double head
• 3 remotes with 12 gpm
• Solid steel forks
• Optional Edwards front 3pt hitch
www www .yanmar .com
34079 91st St., (250) 498-5145 a79 (250) 498-5135 fax
Oliver , B.C.
British Columbia FRUIT GROWER • Spring 2009
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