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Burning issue still smoldering
BCFGA Convention
Plant waste disposal
resolution urges more
to create an agricultural water
reserve to ensure B.C.’s food
effort at finding
production capability survives and to
avoid dependency on foreign
economical methods.
agricultural imports. Since
agricultural land is protected through
the Agricultural Land Reserve, and
agriculture is impossible without a
By Judie Steeves
secure water supply, growers
ew regulations about open
resolved to lobby the government to
burning could make growing
create a reserve that guarantees
sufficient and affordable water for
Okanagan, and must be fought by
tree fruits uneconomical in the
orchardists, but growers must also
heading to be crushed, a factor which
ensure they follow good practices
could have a serious impact on the
with residential and commercial
The concern is about competition
when they burn, or stricter rules are
resulting wine.
development for limited water
the stumps when he took them to the
Yet another farmer left iron rods in
supplies in the valley, said growers.
B.C. Fruit Growers Association, Lake
At January’s annual meeting of the
community’s chipper at the dump,
agricultural water rights, and voted
They also oppose the transfer of
Country grower Penny Gambell
and they caused serious damage to
to oppose selling such rights.
commented, “It’s ironic that the
the machinery, related Sardinha.
Liberal government said it would de-
open the door to commodifying water
Gambell commented, “Once we
regulate when it came in and now
up for themselves and she pointed to
Gambell said growers must stand
rights, where will it stop? It’s an issue
our industry is being targeted by new
wood stoves that also pollute the air. that could see us end up with land in
regulations. Chippers and air curtain
Delegates also passed a resolution the ALR without water rights.”
burners are expensive.”
MacDonald, chair of the BCFGA’s
Summerland grower Denise
water and environment committee,
noted that new regulations restrict
the distance burning can take place
from neighbours, but she
commented, “It’s too late now.
Fish Supplement
Liquid Organic
They’ve built houses all around us.”
Spring g
very vocal about the needs of the
She warned growers they must be
orchard industry in commenting on
product is highl
round a
y r
tion of our
the new regulations.
This completely natural,
disposal of plant waste passed with
A resolution on the economical
organic fish supplement
little discussion by the delegates. It
called on the environment and health
a71 is a natural
Pacific Natural is a cold
ministries to work with the industry
processed, enzymatically
to maintain the current air quality
hydrolyzed fresh fish
does not leach into
organic supplement.
regulations and to develop programs
that support economical disposal of
plant waste in the industry.
a71 provides time-release
effect in soil
Sardinha said growers must also be
However, BCFGA president Joe
can be used as a root 5-10 gallons of
careful how they burn. He told of one
feeder, soil conditioner,
undiluted Pacific
farmer who burned adjacent to a
school and created smoke so choking
foliar spray and
Natural per acre
(diluted at least 10:1,
the students had to be sent home for
composting agent
3 times per year)
the day.
adjacent to a vineyard while the
Another burned green wood
7963 Webster Road, Delta, BC V4G 1E4
grapes were being harvested. Smoke
T - (604) 952-4333 F - (604) 952-4334
W - E-mail -
and ash was descending on the fruit
British Columbia FRUIT GROWER • Spring 2009
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