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Following the arrival of the first new Cat® H130 ES hammer in the UK, Finning News caught up with Jack Stephens, Plant Manager for K.J Services Ltd in South Wales, to find out what impact the recently purchased work tool is having on its hire fleet.

Jack: “Put simply, by using the new hammers we are achieving an increase in productivity of up to 20%, we have happier operators, and by choosing the Cat H130 ES we don’t get any misfiring. To be honest, being able to tackle misfiring through the functionality of the new hammer was one of the main reasons we selected it, as the hammer will only fire once the full weight is on the stone, and then stops automatically. Our machines are also running on half revs whilst utilising the hammer, which saves on fuel and is overall far more economical.

“On a practical level, we also opted for the Cat hammer as we primarily wanted to match it with our existing Cat 323D excavator, we currently use it to break up limestone for one of our quarry customers. Having now used the

hammer for over four weeks, we have had some great feedback from the operator, but more importantly our customer has seen real benefits, as we have been able to break down more rock within the allocated project time.

“We are typically using the new Cat hammer for 10 hour long shifts, five days a week. In financial terms, our customer is now getting almost one day a week more activity from us due to the increase in productivity – of course, this will go straight to their bottom line. Equally for us, by opting for a three-year warranty, supported by the Llantrisant Finning branch, we are able to reduce any downtime from what is already a reliable product. This ultimately means we are able to offer all of our customers a much better and more competitive service.”

The Cat E Series Hammers feature a new symmetrical housing design, which allows for rotating the housing 180 degrees to compensate for wear, which effectively extends its life. The lower portion incorporates rock edges that add protection to the housing, and enables quick positioning of boulders. An optional wear package is available to further enhance hammer durability in severe applications.

The H130 ES Hammer includes automatic shut-off, which instantly stops the hammer when the tool breaks through material. The system increases hammer reliability and durability by eliminating the high internal stresses created by blank firing. Another feature continued in each Cat E Series Hammer is the external pressure control valve, which reduces service time when an adjustment is necessary. Sound suppression is standard for environmental protection and enhanced operator comfort.


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