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laboratory informatics

hosting a booth. Our three talk topics are: ‘Bringing the quality laboratory into the enterprise’; ‘Integration, visualisation and decisions for ICP-MS’; and ‘Data fusion, visualisation and analytics to improve understanding of equipment reliability from analysis of in-services fluids.’ In addition, 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of ChemDraw. Among the products that will be discussed

are Spotfire for data visualisation and analytics. It is a dynamic, scientific data- analytics application that assimilates data from sources including chemical structures and properties, text, numbers, images, HTS, and biological assays, enabling scientists to visualise their data quickly. Te connector for SAP for QA/QC laboratory procedures provides seamless integration between SAP or SAP QM laboratory instruments or data systems, such as electronic lab notebooks, LIMS, and SDMS. PerkinElmer E-Notebook is for chemists and biologists across all industries, protecting intellectual property, and fostering collaboration and innovation

WinWedge soſtware, from TALtech, collects data from laboratory instruments, balances, pH meters, moisture analysers, micrometers,

With Simatic IT Unilab 7.0, Siemens has launched a next generation LIMS for paperless, wireless, and

mobile labs, based on 25 years of LIMS expertise, the latest technology trends, and feedback from customers . It is part of Siemens Simatic IT R&D

Suite, a soſtware platform that manages all R&D data and activities, and enables transition of R&D output such as product data and definitions throughout the enterprise to manufacturing, regulatory, compliance, quality, laboratories, and procurement.

flow meters, temperature sensors, bar code scanners, GPS receivers, and other serial output devices. It easily inputs data real-time into MS Excel or any Windows application soſtware. WinWedge is quick and easy to set up

for any instrument. Instantly log, chart and analyse data from all your devices at once. It also controls your devices. Te new WinWedge v3.5 includes Com-File soſtware

At Pittcon, the company’s consultants will

be available to discuss and demonstrate its complete line of R&D solutions. Tese include Interspec (product

specification management); Formula Work Bench (process formulation development and optimisation); Electronic Lab Notebook (R&D Intellectual property management) and Unilab (LIMS). Siemens has implemented its Simatic IT R&D solutions around the world to customers in a variety of industries: chemical, cpg, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, tobacco, water/waste treatment, and independent laboratories.

free. Use it to parse, filter and format data from devices and log it directly to disk files on your PC. Like WinWedge, it can also add identifiers to the data as needed. As with all TALtech soſtware, WinWedge

comes with free technical support and a risk- free 90-day money-back guarantee. Please visit the website for general information regarding WinWedge and WinWedge Pro.

Tired of Managing Too Many Software Packages? LC/MS and NMR results in a single, vendor neutral, web environment

Meet ACD/Labs

at PITTCON 2015 8-12 March,

New Orleans, USA Booth #2948

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