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Showtime beckons T

It’s a busy season for the world of informatics, with three important shows coming up. Here we preview some of the exhibitors that will be there

Pittcon, 8 to 12 March, New Orleans, USA

he world’s largest annual conference and exhibition on laboratory science arrives in New Orleans in March. With more than 2,000 technical

sessions, Pittcon is expected to attract some 16,000 attendees from industry, academia, and government. Tere is a dedicated laboratory informatics pavilion and we preview some of what will be on show here.

A new browser-based solution from ACD/ Labs provides walk-up laboratories with a single interface for delivery of LC/MS and NMR results, in an interactive

environment. Chemists can answer the question, ‘Did I make what I think I made?’ with greater confidence, faster than ever before. Mass confirmation results can be visualised together with interpreted 1D 1H and 13C NMR spectra. Automatic capture of raw data from LC/

MS and NMR instruments is followed by processing and interpretation. Live spectra and chromatograms are stored, with associated structures, in a database for subsequent review and retrieval. Enabled by the Spectrus Portal the solution provides fully supported, vendor- neutral, platform-independent soſtware. Te web-based offering delivers value to IT groups through ease of deployment and maintenance; offers organisations improved productivity through tried and tested automation technology; and provides chemically intelligent answers to scientists.

Visitors to the Autoscribe Informatics booth will be able to challenge Autoscribe staff to configure a laboratory information management system (LIMS) sample registration/submission screen in Matrix Gemini on the fly. Tey can also challenge


Tis year at Pittcon, Biovia is looking forward to seeing many of its existing customers and meeting other

experts in the pharmaceutical industry. Among other things, Biovia will be introducing and demonstrating the new solution offerings for biologics and quality applications, showing how it is helping customers overcome innovation and process

themselves to see how much they know about LIMS by entering Autoscribe’s interactive quiz, with a chance to win a Microsoſt Surface Pro 3 Tablet. Autoscribe’s managing director, John

Boother, explains: ‘Our unique “One Time” configuration tools provide the flexibility to configure the Matrix Gemini LIMS to meet the individual needs of a laboratory workflow without the need for custom programming. We’re encouraging visitors to bring examples of their sample registration process to our booth and we’ll demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to create a sample registration or submission screen that is specifically relevant to their needs. Seeing a “real life” configuration process carried out on the exhibition booth is a very powerful indicator of the versatility that Matrix Gemini has to offer.’ ‘We’ve also used Matrix Gemini’s

configuration flexibility to create a fun, interactive quiz to find out how much people know about LIMS,’ he continued. ‘Tis is a progressive quiz, with 10 questions. Each question has multiple choice answers – and we might throw in a few helpful hints along the way! Every visitor to the booth who completes the quiz will be entered into a prize draw to win a Microsoſt Surface Pro 3 Tablet’.

efficiency barriers to improve productivity and efficiency, enhance collaboration, and reduce compliance risk. In the coming years, Biovia is excited to introduce state of the art soſtware to the pharmaceutical industry, further improving productivity, enhancing collaboration and reducing compliance risk. Biovia sees Pittcon as a valuable event to meet customers and industry experts to share our progress and collaborate on new ideas.

BSSN Software enables analytical data review in the web browser and on mobile devices.

At Pittcon, users can learn how to leverage the ease of web-based deployment to bring analytical data to any stakeholder. Now scientists and decision makers can access their data from many different techniques on their tablets and smartphones. A web-optimised viewer and a native app let users enjoy scientific data anytime, anywhere. Access to scientific data anytime, anywhere

allows decisions to be made faster and better. Mobile devices save laboratory bench space and can be taken where they are needed. Expert opinions on results can be brought in no matter where the expert is located. Seahorse Mobile Edition and Seahorse Web

Edition support chromatography (HPLC, GC), mass spectrometry, NMR, optical spectroscopy, microplate reader, imaging, bioreactor and process chromatography data types. Te solution is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android and Apple iOS. More than 100 popular instrument models are supported.

PerkinElmer Informatics will be presenting three talks at Pittcon this year, as well as

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