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Predatory practices pose problems for new publishing models

An interview with University of Colorado librarian and OA watcher Jeffrey Beall

Research funders provide OA support

A look at some of the approaches to open access taken by governments and funders

Repositories play their part in institutions 10-11 We look at some of the common repository platforms and how they are used to enable access

Unlocking information 12-18

Scholarly publishers and other companies share their experiences on open access

Product focus

The power of semantic enrichment Diary

Interview Kurt Sanford, CEO, ProQuest 20-23 24 26

Changing approaches to acquisition and discovery

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a world of opportunities 4-18 Leader: Siân Harris Open access still evolving The power of semantic enrichment 20

It is 12 years since the Budapest Open Access Initiative was signed and 20 years since Stevan Harnad posted his ‘Subversive Proposal’. These were just two of the many landmarks on the road to open access. Since those early days there have been plenty more reports, studies and declarations on the topic of open access, most recently in the realm of mandates from governments and funders (page 6). The landscape of open access has evolved. Perhaps most notably the topic has moved from simply being about making the outputs of research available to making it available with a standard licence and in a way that it can be explored with text and data mining. This topic looks set to grow in importance and is now the focus of many copyright discussions. Elsevier has come under attack by 18 European organisations for its text and data mining procedures, while the UK has ruled for copyright exceptions for text and data mining (see our website for the latest news). Many other questions remain about open access, as the views and experiences shared in this issue reveal. There aren’t enough pages in any magazine to cover all the viewpoints and ideas and we are always keen to hear your thoughts on this and other topics. @researchinfo

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