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Measuring Impact with Altmetrics

Altmetrics is a major buzz word at the moment and many publishers and others are experimenting with adding additional impact information to their papers. This webcast is a rare opportunity to hear founders of three key altmetrics start ups - Impact Story, Altmetric and Plum Analytics - talk about how they assess impact, what altmetrics mean and what they have observed so far. This webcast will be of interest to researchers, librarians, publishers and others who are either new to altmetrics or want to gain a deeper insight into the potential opportunities and challenges.

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Heather Piwowar

Co-founder, ImpactStory

Euan Adie

Founder, Altmetric

Andrea Michalek

Co-founder, Plum Analytics


The ‘science’ of effective journal digital publishing

By AppStudio

The mix of methods to consume journal content - from print, to web, to mobile - is rapidly diversifying. Leverage these new channels with a future-proof digital strategy.

Are you a good corporate citizen?

By RightsDirect

If you access or download content, whether paid-for or free, do you have the rights to share it? Not always, as this complimentary white paper explains.

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Not such a radical idea anymore: it’s a rental

By David Swords and Mike LoGreco at ProQuest

Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) could do for libraries and books what Netflix has done for movie watchers and films, argue David Swords (director of consortial sales, Ebooks) and Mike LoGreco (sales specialist, Ebooks).

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