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UK primary schools to learn about food from around the world live from their classrooms using Google+


rimary school classrooms across the country will be transported to pasta producers in Naples, the banana crops of Costa Rica and the cheese creamery in the Yorkshire Dales in the second phase of Tesco’s Farm to Fork initiative. Farm to Fork, part of the Tesco Eat Happy Project, aims to help children have a happy and healthy relationship with the food they eat by learning more about where it comes from and how it is made. Tesco is the first company to bring the technology, first pioneered in the US, to classrooms in the UK to create tailored interactive Online Field Trips developed alongside teachers in line with the national curriculum.

The first session on the15th May will see schools from the UK connect live to one of Tesco’s pasta producers in Italy to learn about the different types of pasta, how it is made and what it is made from. A small group of schools will be able to participate in a two-way interactive lesson but an unlimited number of classes will be able to follow along and watch as the action unfolds. The initiative is great for teachers even if schools are unable to attend the live session. After each event the recorded content will be split into bite-size chunks for schools to use as a teaching resource, alongside a wide range of activity sheets and supporting materials.

For the first Online Field Trip to Italy, classes will be able to log on to a Google+ Hangout where they will get the chance to ask Giuseppe Di Martino, a pasta producer in Naples, anything they’ve ever wondered about pasta as he guides them through a 30 minute lesson on the pasta he makes. Teachers can find out more about Online Field Trips at and be notified about upcoming events by following The Tesco Eat Happy Project on Google+.

Farm to Fork, the first initiative from The Tesco Eat Happy Project which launched earlier this year, saw Tesco open its farms, factories and stores to primary schools around the country to teach children about different foods and give practical demonstrations, for example, baking bread, tasting new fruits and vegetables and learning all about fish. Backed by Diabetes UK, the Children’s Food Trust and the NFU amongst others, The Tesco Eat Happy Project is a major new food education programme that is committed to improving children’s relationship with food. Tesco’s ambition is to give every primary school in the UK the opportunity to go on the trails through store and supplier visits and online field trips, to learn about where food comes from, and, through food, support learning across the wider curriculum.

Tesco UK Managing Director, Chris Bush, said: “Following the launch of our Farm to Fork trails, the response from teachers and children has been amazing. By introducing Online Field Trips, we want to build on the success of our Farm to Fork trails and take children to places they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to and learn more about a variety of foods from around the world.” The next phase of Farm to Fork, to launch later in the year, will involve cookery courses for children in stores, working with the Children’s Food Trust.

Farm to Fork trails and Online Field Trips are open to every primary school in the UK. Schools can find out more, register their school and book a trail now at

NEC engages Tablet Technology in the Classroom - At the NEC Solutions Showcase


ducators recognise that motivating students requires a radical change in attitude, with a greater focus on group active learning rather than a teacher-lead didactic approach. Schools and Universities are moving towards the provision of informal, adaptable, interactive learning spaces which stimulate ideas, create communities and embrace inclusivity.

Collaborative Learning

Complementing the trend towards tablet based classroom solutions, DisplayNote collaborative software enables any connected device to annotate and share their screen with any other connected device. Informal group learning areas enable students to connect with their peers through their own tablet devices, with access to a large touchscreen to share thoughts and develop ideas. In classrooms, the teacher is released from the front of class, able to provide individual attention to his students, whilst retaining full control of all connected devices including the projector through his tablet device. Through collaborative learning, all students are empowered to take ownership of class discussion and actively encouraged to participate, be inspired and learn.

NEC Solutions Showcase

The Showcase provides an outstanding opportunity to discover 'best in class' innovative education technology including Collaborative Learning tools, Interactive Projection, Multi-pen

Interactive Whiteboards, 3D Projection, Interactive Touchscreens, IPTV Streaming, Digital Signage and Videowalls - tailored to the needs of educators for performance with ECO savings. Partnering with the leading solutions providers within the education industry, the NEC Showcase offers a compelling medium to gain knowledge and to be inspired by engaging with fully integrated solutions, with direct access to technical expertise, all under one roof. And what a roof! This year’s event takes place at the inspirational Velodrome, holding memories of the multi-medal winning Team GB at the glorious 2012 Games.

u14-15 May 2014

The Velodrome, Olympic Park, London


May 2014

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