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Tomorrow's Products

Hydro Systems Unveils EvoDrain

The world’s largest independent manufacturer of chemical proportioning and dispensing systems has launched the EvoDrain – an all-in-one solution designed to treat fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste in commercial, institutional and industrial kitchens. The revolutionary bacteriological incubator delivers billions of active fat, oil, and grease eating microbes into drains, signifi cantly reducing grease-trap maintenance costs.

FOG build-up in kitchens can seem like a never-ending problem. As these materials cool, they thicken and coagulate within pipes and grease-traps, acting like a magnet for any waste that may fi nd its way down the kitchen’s sink. As a result, a kitchen can be left facing rancid odours, blockages, backed-up water and potentially even fl ooding.

In order to deal with these issues, a facility may require strong chemical drain cleaning treatments or the ‘pump-out’ clearing of blocked drains, signifi cant kitchen downtime

A Healthy Start For New ‘Anti-Microbial’ Recycling Unit

Leafi eld Environmental has designed and custom-built a new, pedal-operated recycling bin, with an optional anti-microbial additive, which complies with the strict cleanliness and infection control regulations of the health industry.

The new SteriBin is perfect for managing food waste, as the foot pedal operation means users never need to touch the bin with their


and plenty of inconvenience – all of which costs money. Conventional solutions, such as chemical drain cleaners and enzyme treatment, can often add more issues; chemicals used can be harsh and potentially harmful, while enzymes treatments only move the problem down-stream to the treatment plant.

Whilst bacteriological products are often hailed as the most forward- thinking solution to FOG build-up, these are all too often ineffi cient and ineffective, as bacteria are not activated on time, and are simply fl ushed away, dormant. So, how can the performance of bacteriological products be enhanced? That’s where Hydro System’s innovative new EvoDrain comes in – it ‘wakes up’ dormant bacteria, delivering billions of active FOG-eating microbes directly into the drain, and creates a protective biofi lm which lines the walls of drains for on-going protection.

The EvoDrain’s solution of dormant bacteria and nutrients creates a highly effective biological treatment regime of active bacteria. Suitable for daily treatment in all types of wastewater and sewage systems, the EvoDrain is fully compatible with all UK local authorities’ treatment systems, and it

hands, making it easier to scrape waste directly into the bin too. The bin’s sleek design allows integral labelling and has no hidden holes or crevices where dirt and germs can collect. An optional anti-microbial material can also be added to provide an extra barrier against bacteria growth; the material is added during production and provides an effective barrier against the growth of bacteria, moulds and fungi, to minimise the spread of infection.

The sleek design allows for integral labelling and has no hidden holes or crevices where dirt and germs can collect. The bin can collect up to three different waste streams such as landfi ll waste, mixed recyclables and food or clinical

requires only a water connection and no mains electricity. Easy to install and maintain, this solution is believed to be the most innovative, cost-effective way for the continual prevention of kitchen drain problems.

waste, and is available with a single (90l) lid, or triple lid combination 30l/30l/30l. Plus, a bagless option is available for the single lid bin, and a washable plastic liner can be included when placing an order.

There is an RFID tag option available for tracking its location and the cleaning programme too, and it is easy to dismantle for deep cleaning, taking just eight minutes from start to fi nish. The bin forms part of Leafi eld’s growing Envirobin brand of stylish and multi-functional recycling units designed and manufactured in-house, made from 100% recyclable material.


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