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laboratory informatics

SmartLab Exchange, 25-26 February, Munich, Germany

ACD/Labs will be exhibiting at SmartLab Exchange. Visit the company’s stand to find out about applications of the ACD/Spectrus Platform to see how unified laboratory intelligence can benefit your organisation. For more information on the company, see the ACD/Labs release opposite.

IDBS is showcasing the latest enhancements to its E-WorkBook Suite with version 9.4. Te current release offers new chemical drawing features

and key data visualisation and data analysis capabilities. Users can capture a wider variety of molecular

types and streamline chemistry data input. Te latest version supports the addition of data to experiments at point-of-use, saving valuable time and avoiding duplication of work. It removes the need to copy and paste

information across data libraries and safeguards accuracy by reducing potential errors. Enhanced reaction stoichiometry workflows

offers increased data analysis capabilities in fewer clicks. E-WorkBook 9.4 also delivers enhanced PDF lifecycle and task flow capabilities so users can generate PDF content online and sign work digitally.

LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform is a proven suite of product capabilities that

encompasses LIMS, ELN, and LES method execution in an integrated and enterprise-ready solution. TeEnterprise Laboratory Platform combines

our LabWare LIMS and LabWare ELN, a comprehensive and fully integrated electronic laboratory notebook application, which enables companies to optimise compliance, improve quality, increase productivity and reduce costs. LabWare is a full service provider offering soſtware, professional implementation services and validation assistance, training, and technical support to ensure our customers get the maximum value.

Moda is a comprehensive informatics platform that automates quality control (QC) processes for all regulated manufacturing in the

Life Sciences industry. As a user of the Moda solution, Lonza has direct experience with its value – providing improved decision making, regulatory compliance, and productivity across our own global manufacturing facilities. Te Moda solution encompasses automation

of the full spectrum of QC activities including environmental monitoring (EM), utility testing, and product testing. Moda soſtware easily integrates with commonly used instrumentation and media found in manufacturing facilities, specifically production and laboratory areas.

Osthus is a leading global systems integrator specialising in process and data integration for R&D in life sciences and related industries. Relying on interdisciplinary subject matter experts, Osthus offers complete application life cycle support with consulting, development, integration, operations and maintenance services to leading companies world-wide. As the development partner of the Allotrope

Foundation, Osthus is building the Allotrope framework, which will consist of three interacting components: open document standards supporting structured lab data, open metadata repositories allowing metadata input for laboratory systems, and class libraries handling the content for data and metadata.

Titian Software will be presenting its industry- leading Mosaic soſtware suite for the efficient and comprehensive management of compounds, biological collections, reagents and standards. Designed to streamline sample inventory, tracking and ordering, Mosaic provides the preeminent solution to sample management, for rest-assured traceability and a seamless sample supply chain. Mosaic is scalable and provides flexibility to

support the critical sample supply workflows for all sizes of life science organisations in industry and academia. Te latest version of the soſtware, Mosaic 5.0, also permits extensive integration capability with a range of automated stores and dispensing systems for maximum productivity and complete workflow management.

Paperless Lab Academy, 13-14 May, Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is pure waste to perform labour-intensive hunting for information across multi-vendor, multi-technique databases, manual transcription checking and manually creating reports. Many laboratory integration projects are under pressure to deliver and exceed expectations and business objectives, as defined at initial start during the kick-off. Te need to be able to cross-functionally collaborate between research, development, quality assurance and manufacturing is exponentially expanding due to new corporate goals to reduce costs while increase quality and productivity. Today’s significant social and technological l

breakthroughs will require a fundamental re- think of how companies integrate new scientific methods in their research and manufacturing laboratory automation operations. Paperless laboratory is the result of a mindset

change. Te theme of the congress focusses on the relevant aspects moving from paper towards ‘less paper’ operations across the entire value chain. Te Paperless Lab Academy congress will

include many industry presentations as well as targetted interactive workshops, to demonstrate how your multi-discipline laboratory informatics requirements may be integrated from beginning


to end. Self-documenting processes in both GxP and non-compliant documentation, will result in an intelligent re-use of knowledge in research and a significant reduction of cost in manufacturing to support corporate cost of goods sold (COGS) targets. I would like to welcome you to the Paperless

Lab Academy to get concrete answers and ideas learning how to address these challenges in your organisation during the presentations and multiple themed workshops. Tanks to our event sponsors, we are able to offer industry delegates a free entry to the congress. Peter J. Boogaard, event organiser


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