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Lab showcases

Three events featuring laboratory informatics are approaching fast. Here we preview some of what will be on show

Pittcon, 2-6 March, Chicago, USA

Te new Impurity Resolution Management (IRM) solution fromACD/

Labs helps scientists identify and characterise impurities for resolution and reporting during the development and acceptance of a new drug substance. Leveraging the multi-technique, multi-vendor soſtware platform, ACD/Spectrus, this solution will empower your organisation to manage and share analytical and chemical knowledge in chemical context to deliver unified laboratory intelligence. Specific dashboards for the scientists involved in chemistry, manufacturing, and controls enable storage and searching of multi-disciplinary data. Chemistry information can be linked with relevant analytical data to create a knowledge base of real-time instantly accessible and re-usable information.

Autoscribe Informatics, a provider of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) will be showing its flagship Matrix Gemini LIMS as well as the entry-level ‘Out of the Box’ Matrix Express LIMS at Pittcon 2014. Matrix Gemini is a desktop and web-based

platform that provides a highly configurable LIMS environment. Tis allows exact user requirements to be accommodated in terms of workflows, screen designs, menu designs, terminology, report designs and much more, without the need for custom coding. Tis flexibility facilitates sample tracking, management and data reporting requirements in a host of demanding environments.

Allotrope Foundation is an international consortium of pharmaceutical companies that is actively developing an innovative Framework (metadata dictionaries, data standards, and class libraries) for managing analytical data throughout its lifecycle. Allotrope Foundation is creating an open


‘ecosystem’ in collaboration and consultation with vendors and the analytical community. Te ecosystem born from the Allotrope

Framework will allow for the seamless sharing of analytical data, methods, and hardware components within your organisation or your partners.

BSSN Software is bringing scientific data to mobile devices. Seahorse Mobile Edition is a

vendor-independent solution to deliver scientific data to mobile devices. Now scientists and decision makers can access analytical and biological data from many different techniques on their tablets and smartphones. A touch-optimised viewer lets users enjoy scientific data anytime, anywhere. Access to scientific data anytime, anywhere

allows making faster and better decisions. Mobile devices save laboratory bench space and can be taken where they are needed. Expert opinions on results can be brought in no matter where the expert is located.

LabAnswer is a vendor-independent consultancy that specialises in laboratory informatics (such as LIMS, ELN, CDS and SDMS), including

successful deployment, integration with adjacent systems, and on-going maintenance & support. LabAnswer has architected, managed, implemented and/or supported hundreds of major scientific informatics projects for more than a thousand laboratories worldwide.

Labvantage, the most configurable, web-based LIMS in the market, is trusted by the largest

companies in the world. We help customers run their labs more efficiently and with fewer errors by automating tasks and integrating with instruments and systems. Our vast experience allows us to minimise risk of project delays or failures. Our system can adapt to changing business needs aſter initial implementation. Labvantage comes standard with features

essential to laboratory operations. Labvantage can support hundreds of concurrent users as well as interface with most instruments.

RURO soſtware offers laboratories step-based, attainable implementation of information management systems that rapidly modernise. RURO customers enjoy improved data accuracy by automation, comprehensive system/ instrument integration and user productivity increases by centralised workflow and information management. Some may wish to begin with RURO’s

FreezerPro system, designed purely for sample management. Tey can then expand to implement LIMS 24/7, a full-scale LIMS designed to adapt quickly to precise or shiſting customer requirements.

Siemens’ Simatic IT R&D Suite streamlines R&D and manufacturing processes and enables transition of product data and definitions to the entire manufacturing process by integrating the R&D labs’ output throughout the enterprise to manufacturing, regulatory, compliance, quality, laboratories, and procurement. At Pittcon, our consultants will be available to discuss and demonstrate our complete line of R&D solutions. Tese solutions include Interspec (product specification management); Formula Work Bench (process formulation development and optimisation); Electronic Lab Notebook (R&D intellectual property management) and Unilab (LIMS).

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