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Doing More With Less

SYR’s detergents are specially formulated to provide outstanding cleaning while saving customers time and money, and here’s how.

The nine-strong Clear Solution range gives exceptional cleaning standards in a variety of environments, and is designed to work with SYR’s mopping equipment. The chemical separates out grease and dirt, meaning water stays cleaner and can be used for longer. It also cleans the mophead; every time a dirty mop is rinsed in an SYR Clear Solution detergent, more than 75% of the dirt is separated out and trapped under a grid at the bottom of the bucket, never being returned to the fl oor in the next mopping.

SYR’s UK Sales Manager, Gareth David, commented: “You potentially only need to dose once a day as the bucket doesn’t get saturated. Using SYR’s Filtakleen, for example, costs just 12p per dose, per day.

“You’d expect to change water in the bucket every 30 minutes, which is a cost in terms of labour of around fi ve minutes every half an hour, a cost in terms of chemical and a cost in terms of water. That’s all changed with SYR equipment and chemicals.”

SYR believes that chemicals should not stand alone in the market, but must be designed to work in combination with the equipment. Unique mopping combos, specialised mopheads and the revolutionary dirt-separation agents in the chemicals, combine to combat the major problems of fi lthy water, fi lthy mopheads and overdosed chemicals.

John Harrop, Owner of Panama Cleaning Supplies in Hove, agreed that the chemicals really show their worth when used with SYR’s mopping buckets. He said: “I’ve been cleaning fl oors for 37 years, and I’d only been used to products where you’ve got a mop bucket of dirty water. This product is fantastic because the water is crystal clear – the clarity is amazing.

“Customers have been really impressed and buy it in conjunction with SYR’s fl oor mopping system. We’re selling it into two health centres and a doctor’s surgery, and they like that they have a clean mop and clean water all the time. It cleans the fl oor very well too!”

The Clear Solution detergents are each designed for different applications. Four have been tailored specifi cally for healthcare, with colours to suit the hospital environment, as well as those essential ingredients which eradicate hazardous germs.

With research showing that few cleaners read dosage instructions, SYR realised that a simple way of combating incorrect dosing

was needed. When workers suffer adverse health effects, the concentration of the product is often shown to be incorrect. Defra calculates that overdosing by 20% not only wastes money, it also adds 20% to all other impacts in the product’s lifecycle, such as manufacture and transportation.

The answer lies in portion-control pods fi tted to the buckets. The volume of detergent then matches exactly the amount of working water – simply pour and start mopping! This reduces chemical use, saves money and brings those all important environmental and health benefi ts.

With more and more companies installing systems to monitor their water consumption, SYR helps by reducing the need to keep changing the water. What is often forgotten is that, not only is water an increasingly scarce and costly resource, but it also has a carbon cost; 1kW of electricity is needed to get one cubic metre of water to the taps, and another 1kW is needed to process it on its way out.

SYR’s chemicals and equipment together mean that the operator spends more time cleaning and less time preparing new solutions. At the end of the shift the dirt is removed from the building, rather than having been moved around on a dirty mophead.


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