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Fall/Winter 2012 Volume 11, No. 1

A Vibrant Community Attracts Attention

Madeline Hartley ’16, Pres. Klawe and Natasha Allen ’16. O

ne of my first tasks at the beginning of each academic year is to request a photo roster of our incoming students so that I can memorize their names and faces—all 199 of them, this year. It was great fun during Orientation to greet each student by name, often much to their—

and their parents’—surprise. But, I’m not alone in doing this. I join many Orientation leaders, student mentors, faculty and staff who work hard to help our first-year students feel at home. Tis kind of community is what makes Harvey Mudd College so special. Tis fall, we lost one

of our most loyal advocates, Malcolm Lewis ’67, former chair of the board of trustees, who died Oct. 13. Despite this tragic loss, as we paused to celebrate Malcolm’s life and tremendous impact, we were reminded of what a wonderful representation he was of our community. Malcolm not only generously contributed time, wisdom and resources that enriched and strengthened the College, but he modeled true leadership through his character: gentle, warm and wise, as well as direct, firm and passionate. Malcolm not only believed in the mission of Harvey Mudd College, he lived it (Page 6). It is the commitment to fulfilling HMC’s mission that drives all we do—as individuals and

as a community. As you read about our recent accomplishments in this issue, which includes the 2011–2012 Annual Report (Page 31), I hope you will be proud of all we are accomplishing to- gether. In fact, many of these accomplishments have drawn increased attention from the local and national media, boosting the visibility and recognition of HMC’s strong reputation. Positive me- dia attention better positions the College to have an even greater impact on how STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) is being taught nationally. More organizations have sought our participation on national issues—even beyond our strong research and Clinic Program— which has led to increased opportunities such as my participation in the White House Forum on Women and the Economy and opportunities to help organize conferences on mathematics education with Bill Gates and other national thought leaders. Most recently, HMC was given the opportunity to create, through partnership, a new national online mentoring program for un- dergraduates—women in particular—who are considering a degree in the STEM fields (Page 5). As I began this letter with students, I want to end with students, because they are the most im-

pressive part of Harvey Mudd College. You will be delighted to read about the 10 students profiled in this issue, because they embody the attributes of creativity, leadership and teamwork. While fully engaged in rigorous academic work, they still find time to engage in leadership and outreach activities outside of the classroom, on campus and in the community. Tese are only some of the many HMC students who demonstrate the College’s commitment to developing the whole person and to supporting personal growth, and I am personally proud of each one of our students. So, as you read these pages, I hope you are as proud of our community as I am. And, whenever

you have the opportunity, I invite you to visit campus and see for yourself all that’s going on— including the steady progress on the construction of the new teaching and learning building (Page 7)—and interact with our amazing faculty, staff and students.

Maria Klawe President, Harvey Mudd College

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