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Serving this fine institution and community is a privilege. As the new board chair, I am honored to follow in the footsteps of my friend, fellow alumnus and former chair Malcolm Lewis ’67, who died—much too early—in October. He and the late Founding President Joseph Platt leave a legacy of integrity, com- passion and vision. Tese men believed in and lived out the Harvey Mudd College mission, and we honor them—and all who helped to build this great institution—by carrying that mission forward into the future. As a construction professional, I have come to understand

that anything we build requires total commitment and consistency of performance. Harvey Mudd College’s 2011–2012 academic year reflected this kind of faithful effort and reaped the resulting rewards. One of the major highlights of the academic year was the 2012

Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering Education presented by the National Academy of Engineering to professors Clive Dym, Mack Gilkeson and Richard Phillips. Media outlets nationwide recognized HMC’s engineering program, specifically design instruction and the Clinic Program, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013. A concerted effort has been made to spread the word about

HMC’s accomplishments, including those of faculty, students and alumni. As a result, there has been unprecedented attention upon HMC and its programs, in particular computer sci- ence. President Klawe’s enthusiasm for the College, her pas- sion for STEM education, her expertise in academia, and her tireless commitment to telling HMC’s story is helping the College gain the visibility it deserves. In addition, this increased attention continues to create even more opportunities to spread the word about this outstanding College and the difference it’s making in STEM education and industry. One of my favorite projects—the new teaching and learn-

ing building under construction on campus—has risen from its foundation, offering a glimpse of the magnificent, multi-

32 Har vey Mudd College FALL/WINTER 2012

functional and energy-efficient facility to come. Te building will significantly enhance faculty and student interaction as well as interdisciplinary collaboration, which remain hallmarks of the HMC experience. Upon completion in July 2013, the building will double the teaching and learning spaces available to faculty and students, supporting Core curriculum enhancements and many new programs. I encourage you to read and reflect upon these and other

accomplishments and to realize the role you play in supporting such successes. Your gifts and faithful commitment help to continue our mission and make a lasting difference, not only on campus, but also for the countless communities that benefit from the people and programs associated with this outstanding academic community.

Wayne Drinkward ’73 Chair, Harvey Mudd College Board of Trustees

d. kenneth baker In Memoriam

HMC celebrates the contributions of D. Kenneth Baker, the College’s second president, who passed away Jan. 29, 2012. Baker became the second presi- dent of HMC in 1976 following Founding President Joseph B. Platt, who served for two decades. During his 12 years at the helm, Baker was instrumental in increasing the College’s enroll- ment, facilities and prestige, and in guiding the College as techni- cal innovations and social changes occurred.


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