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2007 In addition to continued work on his Ph.D. in fluid dynamics, Victor Camacho has been modeling, rock climbing

in his home state of Utah, tutoring for his company High Performance Tutoring ( and remodeling his home.

Eugene Quan works for the quantitative trading firm Headlands Technologies in his hometown of San Francisco.

2008 REUNION YEAR David Gross and Aurora

Pribram-Jones ’09 were married in the redwoods of San Mateo County, Calif., in September, shortly after he returned from the Chebfun and Beyond workshop at Oxford. David uses Chebfun at eSolar to develop optical performance models for solar power plant technology. Aurora is a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow in theoretical quantum chemistry at UC Irvine.

Andy Leverentz and Angela Berti married on July 28 and honeymooned in Italy. Claremont alumni

2009 This summer, Nadia Abuelezam attended a conference at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, where she worked with

leading mathematical modeling researchers. She also attended the Treatment as Prevention and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Evidence Summit in London and the AIDS 2012 conference in Washington, D.C., where she “bumped into” President Bill Clinton, who gave the latter conference’s closing address.

Oksana A. Sergeeva and Nathan A. Jones were married June 16 in San Diego. More than 20 Mudders were in attendance. Oksana and Nate’s respective first-year roommates in the South Fishbowls, Nadia Abuelezam and Nathanael Hauser, were part of the bridal party. Oksana is pursuing her Ph.D. in biology at MIT and Nate is pursuing his Ph.D. in physics at Harvard. They live in Cambridge, Mass.

2010 Marc S. Davidson and Ariana (Friedman)

in attendance were:

Andrew Pienkos, Kathleen States (Scripps), Eric Baxter, Mike Buchanan, Mike Tauraso, Justin Soprano, Maddalena Jackson, Chris Roberts, Mike Roberts,

Karen Rustad (Scripps), Jason Fennell, Tracy Backes, Tony Hutain and Howard Yu.

A graduate student at Cornell University, Will Tipton has written a book on heads up, no limit hold ’em, with a very game theory-oriented approach ( holdem-volume-1).

Corina K. Tom and Thomas W. Donze were married in Milan, N.H., on July 7. Peter Wang and Zack Rubin were in the wedding party and many other Mudders attended.

Marielle Wardell is co-owner of Smart Energy Distributors Inc., a small beverage company based in Oakland, Calif. The company sells and markets the healthy alternative energy drink, Smart Energy Shots. She is pursuing an M.B.A. at Santa Clara University, where she plans to concentrate in food and agribusiness. Marielle also teaches math workshops and tutors students through the San Francisco-based agency Tutorpedia.

Davidson PZ ’10 finished their master’s degrees at the University of Southern California, got married and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Marc is now a senior engineer at

Western Digital, and Ariana works as a counselor pursuing a license in clinical social work. Their wedding guests included alumni from six Claremont Colleges: Kevin Oelze ’09, Matthew Lawson ’09, Arthur Vasek ’11, Heather Audesirk ’11, Hendrik Orem ’09, Kyle Marsh ’09, David Lapayowker ’09, Eric Mullen ’12, Jay Markello ’08, Kelly Markello ’08, Ian Martyn CGU ’10, Derek Schaible POM ’11, Liz Flannery ’09, Martin Field ’09, Sabreen Lakhani ’11, Brittni Stenmo PZ ’10, Helen Highberger CMC ’11, Bob Chen, Robin Dobashi SCR ’10, Alan Davidson ’06, Nancy Eisenmenger ’09, Kate Porter PZ ’10 and Karen Rustad SCR ’09 (not pictured).

30 Har vey Mudd College FALL/WINTER 2012

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