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A two-year sojourn in Ibanda, Uganda, gave Brian Stock ’09 (shown in red shirt) a renewed perspective on life.



hen Brian Stock ’09, saw an opportunity to join the Peace Corps in Uganda, he jumped at the chance. It proved to be a gift. Stock, an HMC mathematical biology major, taught math and computers at 1,100-student Bigyera Secondary School in Ibanda

from February 2010 through March 2012. The fit was a natural one. “Almost everyone had never seen a computer,” Stock told those

gathered to hear his talk at HMC this fall. “The first lesson was, ‘This is a keyboard; you use it for typing.’” Academics aside, he also organized boys’ and girls’ clubs, served

as a camp counselor, assisted with various after-school activities, secured funding for and directed a camp, informally taught hygiene and reproductive health, helped literature students complete a book, learned to skin a goat, dressed a turkey and even rafted the Nile River. He also learned to speak the native language and came to recognize some impor- tant relational challenges: that a divide often exists between residents of the rural Ugandan community and visitors from the West. It’s a gap he helped bridge by his willingness to roll up his shirt sleeves and spend long hours helping out as needed.

1989 Tim Wendler spoke about “Utilizing the Mudd Experience in a Career Managing Environmental Cleanups and Clients” at a fall HMC

Engineering Seminar. He is a national environmental investigation/

cleanup client account manager for Chevron at Parsons Corporation. Outside of work, he enjoys preserving natural open space as President of the Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy.

1993 REUNION YEAR Thomas Y. Hsieh is director-elect of

the Los Angeles County Fair

Association Board. He’s been an active Fair official serving in a variety of capacities, including as board vice chair of The Learning Centers

In doing so, Stock progressively gained the trust of locals while

achieving a number of personal goals. “I wanted travel, adventure and an opportunity to challenge myself,”

said Stock. “By overcoming challenges, you grow as a person. I didn’t have water or power, so there weren’t a lot of distractions. “I also wanted to experience a new culture by living and

working there—I was constantly learning new things. And, I wanted to try teaching.” Certainly, Stock’s Harvey Mudd College experience prepared him

well to teach math. It also prepared him for other aspects of his Peace Corps journey. “I had to do lots of different things in Uganda: manage people,

assist with various projects and work with a range of people,” he said. “My time here [at HMC] helped prepare me for all of that, especially my Clinic project, study abroad semester and my experience being a proctor.” Stock plans to take a year off before entering graduate school. He hopes to eventually become an ecologist.

at Fairplex and as Technology Advisory Committee chair and Steering Committee member of the Career and Technical Education Center.

1998 REUNION YEAR Dylan Helliwell and Tarah Helliwell have a second child, Baird, born

June 25, 2011. He joins brother, Hiram. Dylan was awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor at Seattle University.

FALL/WINTER 2012 Har vey Mudd College


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