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Arco 3-Step Industrial Skincare Range Arco

To help manage the risks of occupational dermatitis, Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, has launched the Arco 3-Step Industrial Skincare Range to help defend the skin from occupational skin disorders.

Occupational dermatitis is one of the most prevalent industrial diseases, accounting for 3% of all sickness absence certified to occupational illnesses in the UKi yearii

with 40,000 new dermatitis cases reported each . Some of the most common causes of occupational dermatitis

include working in wet or humid environments, chemicals, oils, greases and bleaches, continuous washing and the wearing of liquid proof gloves that prevent the skin from breathing.

Each step in the fantastic Arco system plays a vital role in hand protection. The Pre-Work Cream protects the skin from contaminants such as chemicals, oils and greases and eases the cleansing process and gives hands a barrier of protection when wearing gloves isn’t practical. The secondary stage is a gentle hand cleanser that works with the Pre-Work Cream to effectively remove contaminants that are present on the hands. It is available in three strengths, enabling the user to thoroughly cleanse their hands using the gentlest formula for removal of the particular contaminant. Finally, the After Work Cream restores skin that has been weakened by environmental and mechanical factors by replacing moisture and lipids, supplementing the skin’s natural healing process.

i ii

B 60 W/B 80 W Scrubber Dryers Kärcher

Following the successful introduction of its B 40 W in 2011, Kärcher has extended its range of technologically advanced walk-behind scrubber dryers. Featuring the same design fundamentals as the 40-litre B 40, the new 60 litre and 80 litre B 60 W and B 80 W provide purchasers and end-users with a number of key benefits. Like the B 40, the B 60 and 80 are equipped with Kärcher’s unique KIK intelligent key system, which enables supervisors to set individual parameters such as cleaning speed and detergent dosing for each operator, giving potentially considerable whole life cost savings.

The B 60 and B 80 also feature Kärcher’s interchangeable cleaning heads which enable contract cleaners to adapt machines for different customers, and simple, time-saving features such as integrated tank cleaning system and on-board cleaning tool storage. The range also features Kärcher’s eco!efficiency mode, which minimises water and power consumption for daily cleaning.

Kärcher UK Product Manager, Jeff Hilton, said: “The B 60 W and B 80 W will provide customers with an extremely high level of functionality and productivity. We have already seen huge demand for our 40 litre B 40, and believe we now have class-leading machines in the 60- and 80-litre categories.”

The B 80 W’s attributes were rewarded by the ISSA at Interclean in May, where it beat over 70 competitors to the Innovation Award for Machines, Accessories and Components. WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM 9


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