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AccuDose ll Hydro Systems Europe

The AccuDose II dispenser from Hydro Systems Europe has established a solid reputation for high performance and consistently accurate dilution amongst its rapidly growing number of customers.

Thanks to its slim profile, small footprint, chemically-inert components and wipe-clean surface, AccuDose II is suitable for the cleaning and sanitisation of all locations and ensures the right results from the chemical - every time. It dilutes and dispenses up to four products, low and high flow, for bucket and bottle filling. Simple to install and featuring a clean, modern look, it is extremely user friendly and permits one- handed operation. Its unique Quad Diverter valve ensures no product mixing, and it is suitable for cold or hot water (up to 65°C) and for waste pressure from 1.5 - 6 Bar.

Flow rates are four litres/minute (low flow) and 14 litres/minute (high flow). It is able to dilute concentrates up to 950:1 (0.10%) with ultra-lean tips and super concentrates up to 1300:1 (0.08%) with special devices.

AccuDose II is Euro water regulation EN1717 compliant and there are 21 models in the range with options to customise. Coloured buttons, hooks and cabinets are also available.

The AQUARIUS* Dispenser Range


2012 saw the launch of the new AQUARIUS* Dispenser Range by KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL*; an innovative, new line which offers a complete range of 18 uniquely designed dispensers, improving the image of any washroom.

The AQUARIUS* Dispensers represent a major evolution and offer a number of benefits, including exceptional levels of hygiene. The dispensers also have no dirt traps and are easy to clean, improving functionality with features such as a patented over-fill prevention device for folded towel products. Customisation is also possible using coloured window inserts to make your range unique.

Like all products offered by KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL*, the AQUARIUS* brand is produced using sustainable supply chain processes. 8


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