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Vileda Waste Management Range Vileda Professional

Vileda Professional recently announced the launch of its brand new range of waste management products; a complete selection of bins designed for professional use everywhere from healthcare and general building areas to hospitality and manufacturing facilities.

The new product range includes GEO, IRIS, LETO, HERA, ATLAS and TITAN, each one designed for a specific sector or use and available in a range of colours. The bins combine high quality Swiss manufacture and durability with a modern design, which means they will effortlessly integrate with contemporary buildings.

Other key products within the waste management range include the HERA hands free pedal bin, which is Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliant, and the 100 litre capacity ATLAS wheeled bins with design characteristics that make them a superior choice to traditional solutions. In addition, the TITAN range of heavy duty bins are multi-purpose for indoor or outdoor use with the yellow and white versions certified as food safe.

Wheelie Bin Cleaner Morclean

Morclean’s trailer-mounted Wheelie Bin Cleaner is a robust and efficient wheelie bin washer, with automated bin lift and water recycling. The trailer-mounted system is a superbly designed and engineered product and is both self-contained and purpose-built, so the machines are practical and easy-to-use, and are finished in quality materials.

This cleaner is so easy to use - just simply ensure the wheelie bin is placed onto the lifting mechanism at the rear of the trailer, press one button and the bin is lifted. Cleaning is effortless and the bin can be cleaned in seconds.

Once elevated, the Morclean system drains the bin into a catchment tray at the same time it is being washed - in one simple process. Water is filtered and ready to re-use throughout the day.

The trailer system can also be used as a trailer-mounted pressure washer, direct from a mains water supply, for driveway, paving and decking cleaning etc., providing additional revenue. As the machine is portable and trailer-mounted, so your vehicle isn’t dedicated to this system.

All that is required is a vehicle capable of towing 800kg (when full) with a standard 50mm ball hitch and two electric trailer sockets (one for the trailer lights and one for the power - as with a caravan twin socket). 32 WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM


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