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TTS Trilogy System Ramon Hygiene

The Trilogy system is unique three-in-one washing system that fulfils every operator’s dream - to dust, wash and dry both horizontal and vertical surfaces using a single tool.

Trilogy is practical, simple to use and intuitive, thus optimising time and costs for staff training. It allows ergonomic cleaning, without any bending, thanks to the double pedal and to the fastening system of the mop.

Some of the key features include: a shockproof and non-marking rubber edge, a quick opening and closing system (suitable for both right and left-handed operators), small size to clean even hard-to-reach areas and a patented block joint that allows you to clean with a single action on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The respect that TTS has towards the environment has led to the creation of an ecological range of innovative and revolutionary Tri microfibre mops. The different microfibre materials of the Tri mops allow you to use Trilogy in a universal way according to the surface – non-slip, smooth or porous - and whether for dusting, washing or drying.

Trilogy System provides:

• Time saving: thanks to the Tri mops you can clean twice the usual surface area, because you use them on both sides, cleaning with their whole surface.

• Cost reduction: you use half of the usual quantity of mops.

• Reduction of environmental impact: you reduce detergent and water consumption to launder dirty mops.

Twister™ Retail HTC Professional Floor Systems

Based on analysis of International retailers with a focus on floor cleaning and maintenance, HTC have used over 20 years’ experience in flooring and diamond technology to develop a unique floor cleaning pad – Twister™ Retail. Twister™ Retail contains a unique diamond mixture developed especially for high traffic floor areas within retail and other similar operations, where high cleanliness combined with gloss and appearance are in focus.

Twister™ Retail pads keep floors clean and shiny over all seasons and offer a consistently high floor quality every day. By using Twister™ Retail, you reduce your overall costs for floorcare as the need for periodic maintenance to keep the floors nice and clean is reduced. Twister™ Retail also contributes to increased surface and product availability, since there is no need to seal off areas due to periodic maintenance.

Creating a pleasant shopping environment with a clean, shining floor and with easily accessible products increases the well-being of customers, so regular cleaning with Twister™ Retail will keep floors in the best possible condition every day. 30 WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM

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