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The Big White Refill Mop System Robert Scott & Sons

Every year the UK cleaning industry buys and sells 700 tonnes of plastic mop sockets, almost all of which, ultimately, end up in a landfill site causing environmental damage as well as being extremely costly.

In an effort to reduce waste and save money Robert Scott & Sons Ltd have developed a new eco-friendly mopping system to further enhance their hardworking Big White Mop - the Big White Mop Refill Mop System.

The patented Big White Refill Mop System comprises of two parts; a detachable socket and clip, and a replaceable mop refill. Simple and easy to use the mop is placed inside the clip and the socket pushed on evenly. The clip and refill is secured by screwing the handle into the socket.

When the mop is old and dirty simply remove the handle to release the clip and dispose of the mop in a paper recycling bin, then replace with a brand new mop. More hygienic and more environmentally friendly and no more unnecessary waste!

The Big White plastic socket and clip can be washed and reused hundreds of times and are colour coded to make cleaning easier to segregate and prevent cross contamination in environmentally sensitive areas.

Launched some seven years ago, Robert Scott’s Big White Mop has continued to provide one of the most successful solutions to the problems of cross contamination in hospitals and catering establishments across the country. Available in three sizes the mop is increasingly seen as an alternative to Microfibre and traditional cotton mopping systems by Hospital Trusts in both England and Scotland.

Toucan Eco/Toucan Mini Centrego

Centrego launched the Toucan Eco in 2011 where it cleaned up with the Innovation Award for the Best Eco/Green product at The Cleaning Show, The BTA Innovation Award and a Tomorrow’s Cleaning Top Product 2012.

Unlike traditional chemicals, the Toucan generates a combined disinfectant/cleaner on site from only tap water and salt. By cutting out the logistics chain of regular deliveries, storage, disposal of packaging and out of date product it also contributes to lowering the users Carbon Footprint underpinning the Toucan Eco’s green credentials. The raw materials are far cheaper than traditional inorganic chemicals or expensive organic equivalents and there are no recorded side effects using this product around adults, children, pets, or food surfaces. The fluid is very effective on all types of modern materials and accredited to EN 1276 and EN13727.

Following on from this success comes the Toucan Mini. The Mini uses the same electrochemical activation process as the Eco, over a slightly longer cycle than its bigger brother, to generate a powerful disinfectant/ cleaner but in a more compact 400ml spray only option.

The Toucan Eco has also been adopted by one national cleaning company for all its sites whist many more are finding that, with the cost of production being almost negligible, it is a truly sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning products. WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM



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