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Stream Flat Mopping Kit Contico Manufacturing Ltd

Contico Manufacturing Ltd are one of the UK’s largest single source suppliers of wholesale cleaning, janitorial, spraying and hygiene solutions and provides clients throughout Europe with a range of over 2000 products, all designed and manufactured to withstand the rigours of everyday intensive commercial cleaning demands.

With the largest available range of products from any one manufacturer in the UK, Contico’s portfolio of equipment has been specifically designed to cover all aspects of cleaning and maintenance and the introduction of Stream, an innovate new bucket-free mop handle, is no exception.

Stream is a lightweight rust-free aluminium mop handle which incorporates its own 500ml reservoir within the mop handle for water or mopping solution. Stream enables users to quickly and easily fill the reservoir using a jug or bottle, by simply pushing the handle top cap down three jets of liquid are sprayed onto the floor ahead of the mop head which means no more wringing out mops, no more preparing of pre-soaked flat mops and no more drying out of mop heads during cleaning.

Designed for use with Contico’s Velcro flat mops and their MF30F/ MF40F frames Stream is colour-coded for hygienic mopping.

Contico Manufacturing Ltd is part of the Robert Scott Group of companies.

Templa CMS Templa

Templa CMS is a contract management software package with integrated accounts and payroll, designed specifically for cleaning companies. Based on standard Microsoft technology, Templa CMS, can easily integrate with a company’s existing IT infrastructure. Its unique attraction is the way it stores all the information required to manage your company’s cleaning contracts in a centralised contract database, and then delivers tight control of all the contract elements through its modular design.

In doing so it accurately mirrors the key business processes required to thrive in today’s highly competitive contract cleaning market. It helps you maintain financial control whilst delivering the highest standards of quality assurance and customer service.

The ten core system modules include:

• Contracts • Budgets • Pay • Billing • Accounts

• Stores Control • Work Bills • Analytics • Asset Management • Workflow

The software is fully integrated with and shares information from the Access financial accounting and payroll package.

Templa CMS has many features not available from competitors and is backed up by a comprehensive and proactive development programme, resulting in a steady flow of upgrades and new releases.

Templa bring to the contract cleaning industry many years experience in developing business solutions across other industries. 28 WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM

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