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SkyVac Spinaclean Ltd

With over 30 years’ industry experience in the commercial and domestic floor-cleaning sector under its belt, Spinaclean is a name that is recognised, with competitors and clients alike, as the pinnacle of quality in both products and service.

The company’s focus is simple – to supply its customers with professional high quality equipment and provide them with the best possible after-sales service.

Our focus for the winter months is our revolutionary gutter and high cleaning SkyVac gutter cleaning system:

• No mess! It sucks gutters clean using a powerful vacuum cleaner.

• No need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment.

• A safe solution for cleaning high buildings such as hospitals, offices and domestic properties, for the latest regulations and health and safety requirements.

• On board recordable camera for precision cleaning. • Carbon fibre suction poles makes SkyVac light and easy to use.

• Allows access to restricted areas such as roofing above conservatories.

• High reach internal vacuuming system for use in areas such as restaurants and retail shopping areas.

• Domestic and commercial properties.

Soluclean Daily Toilet Cleaner Descaler Soluclean

The future of toilet cleaning has finally arrived; Soluclean’s Innovative and patented multi surface sulphamic based daily toilet cleaner descaler is a pre-dosed fully water soluble system that has been specially formulated for use with Soluclean’s re-usable colour coded bottles.

Suitable for use on Stainless steel, porcelain, chrome and ceramic the highly scented thixotropic solution not only rapidly removes lime scale, body oils, soap scum and general soiling from toilets, urinals, sinks, showers and washroom fittings but leaves a long-lasting fragrance, ensuring maximum impact upon those entering the washroom.

The system is most certainly a must-have product for any organisation serious about making cost savings. The product is guaranteed to reduce costs on storage, transportation and waste. 26


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