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J-Cloth® 3000 Chicopee

We truly believe that the Chicopee J-Cloth® 3000 is setting a new standard in industrial cleaning which is why, for the second year running, they are being hailed as a winner in the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Product Award.

The first fully biodegradable, compostable cleaning wipe, this unique product combines strength, absorption and unsurpassed sustainability. But Chicopee doesn’t give up the clean to give you the green, the J-Cloth® 3000 is every bit as durable and hygienic as Chicopee’s other renowned cleaning wipes, it’s open-weave structure picking up more dirt and rinses more effectively than other wipes, ensuring long-lasting, effective cleaning power.

Available in five colours, the J-Cloth® 3000 also supports HACCP regulations for prevention of cross-contamination through colour- coding. It provides reliable, safe cleaning, use after use, and then will biodegrade and leave no trace behind.

Professional cleaning is all about effective, hygienic practices and products. The J-Cloth® 3000 combines these standards with a biodegradable, compostable product that is the leader in sustainable cleaning wipes. It’s simply the greenest clean available.

Katrin Handy Pack Katrin

Metsä Tissue is pleased to announce the availability of the first set of new Katrin products to be delivered in the new innovative Katrin Handy Pack - a branded, plastic case, with carry handles which will enhance both hygiene and Corporate & Social Responsibility goals in any organisation.

The new Handy Pack cases are durable and protect the contents from moisture. More importantly, from an environmental perspective, they will produce less volume of waste than traditional cardboard cases. The waste that is produced is completely recyclable and, before recycling, the cases are multi-purpose and can be used for collecting and carrying waste – or even lining bins.

The plastic casing is lighter than a traditional carton and the packs have softer edges, which eliminates the danger of cuts from any cardboard edges. The clear labelling and highly visual branding makes the products very easy to find in a warehouse with product information that is very quick and simple to locate and read.

The packs stack easily and the “carry handles” make them very easy for staff to hold and transport. In particular, the packs can be effectively used by cleaning staff to distribute products around the building, directly from the packs. They can be easily carried or hooked on to the cleaning cart so staff will be literally able to carry ‘thousands of hand dries all in one hand’ and ensure that there are always hand towels available. by-name/food-service/j-cloth-3000 20 WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM

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