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Hurricane Combi Pressure Washer

Demon Pressure Washers

Following the launch of the revolutionary Hurricane Combi at IOG Saltex last year, Demon have continue to go from strength to strength with their latest development; the Hurricane Combi Pressure Washer.

The Hurricane Combi has already proved to be hugely popular for a range of industries and including FM companies, cleaning companies, local authorities and marinas. It was born from the success of two products, the Hurricane Pressure Washer and Rotowash Professional floor cleaner, already manufactured by Demon. It comes complete with twin spinning arms, which rotate at 2000rpm and a 50mm heavy duty skirt eliminates overspray to anything nearby which is essential when cleaning in urban areas. It is designed for cleaning flat surfaces, including pontoons, slipways, walkways, roads, car parks and sports grounds to name but a few. It is manufactured with an integral pressure washer, either a Hurricane P2 providing 2200psi at 13 litres per minute or has the option of a Hurricane P4 at 2900psi at 15 litres per minute. It now has the added benefit of a vacuum port, which enables water to be sucked up after use with an appropriate industrial vacuum.

The Combi glides effortlessly over any surface minimising operator fatigue, with grey non marking rubber wheels which are ideal for most flat surfaces. Due to the power of the pressure washer and the spinning arms, operators benefit from cleaning surfaces in a fraction of the time.

Innova 55B IFM Comac

2012 saw IFM Comac introduce us to the Innova 55B; a new compact scrubber dryer that proves that good things come in small packages. Thanks to the Innova’s very compact dimensions, it is able to replace the traditional walk behind scrubbing machine in the maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 3,000sqm.

This is a scrubbing machine that is extremely convenient, more user-friendly, faster and comfortable. The world is becoming more environmentally aware and, with newer technologies, the Innova is no different, being installed with a consumption optimisation, ECO ON/ OFF switch system the brush and water flow automatically stops when the machine is idle. A 54 db(A) sound level means the machine can be used anywhere at any time without disturbing people nearby, ideal for sensitive environments such as nursing homes and hospitals. Steering on this scrubber dryer is light and smooth, so it can be manoeuvred and used in even the most congested areas. This machine also has a lowered footboard for access from both sides ensuring operators safety and practicality.

The Innova 55B is certainly a machine that will revolutionise how ride-on machines are used. It is perfect for both large and congested areas focusing on ergonomics as well as manoeuvrability it can easily move around obstacles, from one area to another and along walls. It has the advantages of being a lot more comfortable than a pedestrian machine and faster in cleaning operations. WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM

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