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Hako-AntiBac Hako

Hako offers a wide range of scrubber dryers for hard floor, wet cleaning. Innovative systems increase the machine’s economic efficiency and range of employment and Hako is the first (and so far the only) manufacturer of scrubber dryers to offer tanks equipped with an antibacterial system; Hako-AntiBac.

Hako-AntiBac distinctly reduces bacterial and fungus growth and therefore improves the hygiene of the machines – a method certified by SGS Fresenius in line with JIS Z 2801 (ISO22196). The fresh water and recovery tanks of all Hakomatic-B 45 CLH and B 70 CL machines and of the entire B 90 series are now equipped with AntiBac as a standard.

The antibacterial qualities protect the inner surface of the tank from bacteria, fungus and spore growth resulting from residual dirt and moisture and considerably reduce unpleasant smells.

The system increases the hygiene of the machines in sensitive areas such as hospitals and nursing homes and, for example, in the food processing and storage industry. And, as well as increasing cleanliness, running costs are decreased when using this machine, as the use of tank-cleaning disinfectants can be significantly reduced.

Host Dry Extraction System Host Von Schrader

HOST carpet cleaning process is a unique all in one system. The Freestyle® (pictured) or Liberator® machinery has a powerful vacuum and this combined with counter rotating brushes removes dry soil whilst pile lifting the carpet. Dry soil is removed right down to the carpet backing

The HOST system takes care of concerns that areas are unusable because carpets stay wet for too long after cleaning by being able to maintain carpets to a very high standard whilst making sure that they are dry immediately. They also take extra care to enhance your carpet’s appearance so it can look good all day every day.

The HOST cleaner is a unique blend of organic material that is impregnated with detergent, water and cleaning agent. The sponges trap and break up remaining sticky soil and finally, the powerful vacuum removes the cleaner and its trapped soil. Carpets are ready for use immediately as the amount of moisture used is strictly limited – no lengthy drying time and no slip and fall problems.

HOST market their carpet maintenance system through the UK and Ireland or offer a service through their national network of accredited contractors. 18 WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM

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