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Flow™ Backpack and Pulse™ 2-Sided Mop

Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Rubbermaid’s Flow™ Backpack and Pulse™ 2-Sided Mop have been designed with the end-user in mind. Exceptionally light-weight and durable, the innovative new Pulse™ Mop and Flow™ Backpack allows the operator to move faster; and the Flow’s™ high-capacity reservoir, which can hold up to 7 litres of water eliminates the need for a conventional bucket or heavy cart – impractical options, especially when cleaning spaces such as stairways.

Furthermore, the Flow™ is ergonomic and comfortable; combining adjustable chest and waist straps, comfortable padding and built-in pockets ensuring no unnecessary strain is placed on the shoulders. The Backpack also has built-in venting channels throughout, so the operator remains dry and comfortable at all times, even when hard at work.

The Flow™ Backpack comes with an easy-to-assemble connector to the Pulse™ Mop. The Pulse™ includes a trigger handle, which dispenses the ideal amount of water and cleaning agent. The new double-sided Pulse™ is ideal for spot cleaning, making mopping tight areas – such as trains and lifts – as easy to clean as office buildings and open-plan facilities. The double sided mop covers twice the surface area of a conventional single sided mop, and with the specific combination of wet and dry double-side mops – which allow for dry mop dusting on one side and wet moping on the other – maximise productivity with one cleaning tool.

Foaming Oven Cleaner Delphis-Eco

Burnt-on carbon has always been difficult to clean in ovens without nasty caustics, but Delphis Eco have now created a great, new caustic free oven cleaner that easily removes burnt on carbon from ovens, grills, griddles and roasting pans. Its foaming formulation allows it to cling to vertical surfaces really allowing it to work. It is safe to use on all surfaces including stainless steel and even has a pleasant odour, even being safe to use in septic tanks if used as directed.

As with all Delphis Eco products, their foaming oven cleaner is plant- based, phosphate and phosphonate free, readily biodegradable and is not tested on animals making it an environmentally friendly solution for the commercial sector that genuinely does the job. Another benefit is its suitability to both domestic and commercial use.

This fantastic new product has even been submitted for the EU Ecolabel accreditation run by DEFRA and should be awarded the kitemark in February 2013. 16 WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM

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