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DiBO JMB-M DiBO Cleaning Systems

The latest offering from DiBo Cleaning Systems is the DiBO JMB-M hot water high pressure cleaner; fitted with various engine/pump combinations, all of them with an industrial diesel engine with intercooling. This system uses the existing feed water from the built-in 500 litre water tank to cool off the engine. As a consequence, the water from the tank will be preheated, resulting in an energy saving of as much as 15% on the boiler’s fuel. Add to this the 18% fuel saving of the GreenBoiler, which self-evidently will be used also in these trailers in order to warm up the water and you get an overall fuel saving of as much as 33%.

Apart from the intercooling, there is also an extra air cooling for the engine compartment which, in combination with the intercooling, takes care of the perfect cooling of the engine under all weather conditions. As standard, the DiBO JMB-M trailer is equipped with a built-in water tank of as much as 500 litres, an 85 litre diesel tank, a washable water filter and two hose reels (one with a 25m supply hose and one a 40m high pressure hose).

Fuel level, oil temperature water capacity and boiler are checked by the control compartment. As well as all that, the trailer is completely sound insulated by a high-quality double-walled rotation molded polyethylene housing and isolating air channels, taking care that the sound level always stays under 85dB.

Femcare™ MVP Vectair Systems

The Femcare™ MVP range of feminine hygiene units provide a refreshing answer to safe sanitary needs.

With the majority of feminine hygiene sanitary units having been designed many years ago, Vectair Systems’ Femcare™ MVP range is a refreshing take on a mature concept.

The Femcare™ MVP range responds to market demand for a sanitary bin that supplies exceptional functionality and design, whilst providing maximum hygiene.

It is the first of its kind to incorporate a revolving carousel, rather than the usual modesty flap. Instead of unsightly sanitary bin spillages – a common problem in ladies’ washrooms – the new Femcare™ MVP range is designed so that waste is completely hidden from view. Whilst elegant, stylish and simple to operate, each unit is also robust and reliable, holding a generous 23 litres.

The Femcare™ MVP range is also the first to provide maximum protection from harmful bacteria on the lid of the sanitary unit using Biomaster® technology. For service staff or customers for which safety is a top concern, Biomaster® - an antimicrobial additive - around the surface of each Femcare™ MVP unit kills 99.9% of microbes. Each unit is protected for life.

Femcare™ antimicrobial liners, also incorporating Biomaster® protection with silver ions and malodour eliminating technology, provide extra protection. They eliminate the need to buy and add a sanitizing agent. Total cost control can be achieved, with no hidden costs such as unused residual sanitizing agent.



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