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Cleanfix RA 535 IBCT Distributed by Industrial Cleaning Equipment (ICE)

The new Cleanfix RA 535 IBCT is a compact ride-on scrubber dryer that is helping to revolutionise the way hard and rubberised floors are cleaned, giving traditional walk-behind models a run for their money thanks to innovations in technology and design.

The RA 535 IBCT went into production in July 2012, and is available exclusively in the UK through Industrial Cleaning Equipment (ICE), the UK’s largest independent cleaning equipment and service provider.

This model makes cleaning quicker and more efficient, thanks to its ride-on facility and ease of movement. Although large enough to tackle floors in a range of locations, such as industrial sites, retail outlets, hospitals and schools, its tight turning circle means it can negotiate narrow doors and passageways with no problems. The RA 535 even fits neatly between conventional till stations in supermarkets, demonstrating its uniquely narrow passage width. An integrated suction unit on the base protects the machine and ensures that it never gets stuck, no matter what obstacles it has to negotiate, enhancing its manoeuvrability and completing cleaning tasks in half the time of walk-behind models.

When it comes to energy efficiency, advances in battery technology enable the RA 535 to be fully recharged in just three hours; and by incorporating the optional Cleanfix Advanced Dosing System (CADS) users can cut their chemical usage by up to 50%, offering additional money saving and environmental benefits. The brush, which rotates at a speed of 175 rpm and exerts 23 kg of pressure, incorporates a squeegee which surrounds it, so its capacity for water recovery is also excellent.

CleanLink’s Mobile App CleanLink

Developed specially for the contract cleaning industry and its complex range of issues and needs, CleanLink’s software solutions include all the functions needed to operate a cleaning company including payroll, invoicing, worksheets, stores, quality control, budgets, risk assessments, actions, machinery, documents and contacts. The data is held by each of Cleanlink’s clients on their own computers, for office-based staff to access; but to add even more responsiveness and functionality, it is also now available to workers ‘on the ground’ via an app that works on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android tablets and smart phones. Linked back to CleanLink’s own web servers, the application also comes loaded with all the information relevant to the client company so managers can pick up their tasks, complete reports on site in real time, and immediately update clients, improving satisfaction rates.

Managers are able to carry out site audits, ‘scoring’ everything at the touch of a screen, knowing that the information will be captured by the app and reports will be compiled and saved – and if a client is present while the audit is being undertaken they can sign it off, there and then, on-screen. Staff management is made easier because the software already holds details of everyone that is employed on individual sites and recruitment is also speeded up – simply tap in the person’s name, address and NI number, take a photo of them and their ID, and it’s stored and sent back to head office in a matter of minutes. – link to app in iTunes – link to app for Android 14 WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM

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