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City Ranger 2250 Utility Vehicle Nilfisk Outdoor

The Nilfisk City Ranger 2250 provides the client and contractor with flexibility, functionality and cost savings. These machines also have the great benefit of combined function, as they are sold with a myriad of different attachments with the units being capable of year-round tasks such as green areas, winter maintenance and road sweeping.

Contractors are often tasked with clearing all external areas and walkways including the car parks. Of vital importance, then, is the ability for the machine to quickly multi-task between sweeping, mowing or even snow plough and grit spreading. Changing weather conditions also dictate a fast response; providers cannot afford time taken up with changing brushes and attachments.

A single lock and release lever separates the attachments with no tools required, attachments are changed in less than one minute. Hydraulics, water, power and vacuum hoses connect automatically with all hoses and couplings hidden and therefore well protected.

The Nilfisk City Ranger 2250 also has the benefit of being completely flexible and performing a variety of tasks. It can even handle two operations at the same time; snow clearing and salt spreading simultaneously.

This product is truly the ultimate utility tool of the outdoor cleaning industry – and worthy of a place in the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Product Awards 2013.

Classic+ MkII Airdri

Quality designed with the environment in mind, the Classic+ MkII is a fast drying, energy efficient hand dryer, which has one of the lowest noise levels in its class. Caring for the environment is also a priority, which is why Airdri’s approach is to ensure it delivers the ultimate in ecologically-sound warm air hand dryers. The Classic+ MkII has a reduced power consumption of 1.4kw @ 230 volts, improving energy efficiency. It’s a responsible choice, eliminating the cost of paper towels and the waste they cause.

Servicing the Classic+ MkII product is quick and easy; taking as little as just three minutes to complete the job. From a cost point of view, its lifespan is also six times longer than other fast dry hand dryers and using warm air hand dryers saves up to 80% of the cost of supplying and maintaining a washroom with paper or roller towels.

Last year even saw the Classic+ MkII became the first in the high speed (fast dry) hand dryer category to be awarded the Quiet Mark; the international mark of approval from the UK Noise Abatement Society which encourages worldwide companies to include noise reduction when developing the design of machines and appliances used in everyday life. WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM 13


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