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Biosan e Card Genesis Biosciences

Biosan e Card is the latest product offering from Genesis Biosciences. The e Card was developed by combining existing vapour release technology with a blend of natural biocidal compounds and a biodegradable wood pulp based card carrier to give a highly effective, long lasting and environmentally-responsible feminine waste unit sanitiser.

The e Card works via vapour action to disinfect and sanitise the sanitary waste unit. The anti-microbial vapours permeate the whole unit and are therefore effective even when the unit is full. The highly absorbent nature of the e Card carrier allows for excellent retention and slow release of active ingredients through vapour action, making the card effective throughout the length of the service cycle.

The anti-microbial efficacy of the Biosan e Card was assessed using a simulated “in use” test in a full size sanitary unit. Biosan e Card vapour is highly effective in killing E. coli in a full scale sanitary waste unit over a four-week testing regime. It has also been independently tested and verified as passing British Standard BSEN 1276 and BS13727.

The natural fragrance is fresh and long lasting and has been proven to counteract odours in both accelerated laboratory malodour testing and field trials. The active ingredients have been verified by independent testing to be effective against HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and the natural plant extract present in the e Card is also a recognised to be anti-fungal agent and insecticide

The product is made using low energy processes, using recycled materials where possible to minimise the impact of the product manufacturing on the environment. It is compact in size, allowing efficient storage and shipping and is easy and clean to use, simply place a card directly into an empty sanitary unit.

BOOST - Zybax OdourMaster Branova

Bacteria have been successfully cleaning up organic waste for billions of years and Branova has put them to work to freshen up the nation’s washrooms, care homes, streets and schools, in the form of the Zybax OdourMaster range.

What really sets this range apart from traditional ‘odour-neutralisers’ is its ability to eradicate urine and other odours. It also has many other benefits. OdourMaster is a highly versatile product, which can be used for cleaning carpets, upholstery and hard-surfaces. Containing no harmful chemicals, it is totally environment-friendly and, unlike other cleaning-products, it is completely safe to use, posing no risk to professionals or the general public.

BOOST has been developed to eliminate stubborn odours from carpets, upholstery, curtains, washrooms, floors, walls, etc and can also be used to clean toilets and urinals. Even stubborn or persistent odours can be eradicated using this low-foam product and can be applied by trigger spray, pressure spray or by using mops and cloths. 10 WWW.TOMORROWSCLEANING.COM

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