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Vending & Water Coolers Savings, not gossip

approved water cooler. With a water cooler there’s less time away from the desk and marginally less energy used than boiling excessive amounts of water several times a day. For desk workers, a short walk to the cooler keeps the body’s circulation flowing and a brief period away from their desk rests tired eyes and backs.

Whether you choose a mains water Point of Use (POU) cooler or a bottle- fed cooler is a matter of choice and need, as they both have their uses. In large open plan offices, warehouses and on construction sites, plumbing

is unlikely to be available at a sufficient number of convenient points, in which case bottled water coolers are ideal as they are flexible and portable. For those who don’t have the space to store bottles and where plumbing is convenient, POU may be the better option.

Hydration in the workplace should not be overlooked and the provision of safe, sustainable and inexpensive hydration is very much the role of a good facilities manager. By using a water cooler from a BWCA accredited supplier you can be sure that you are delivering safe, cool, instantly available and calorie- free hydration via water coolers.

BWCA Chairman, John Dundon, commented: “It is important for FMs to know that the BWCA is not a cosy members’ club; on the contrary, as an Association we conduct audits and monitor members to ensure that standards of excellence are maintained. Companies require this monitoring to be granted membership in the first place and then assured of their continued membership and accreditation. We have the ability to strike off anyone who doesn’t comply. It’s not left to hope and trust.”


Scientists have proved that even a 1% reduction in the body’s hydration levels can reduce performance and lead to a host of mild symptoms such as headaches and moodswings, so keeping the workforce hydrated makes good business sense. The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) recommends meeting this legal requirement by installing a BWCA

Just as you would only use approved suppliers to fit electrical appliances, remove asbestos from old buildings or check carefully who is tampering with your building’s IT systems, you need to ensure that your water cooler provider is at the top of its profession too. Your employers or clients no doubt check that their team is made up of members of a recognised professional association, so you should check the credentials of your water cooler supplier. BWCA Members undergo rigorous training to ensure they are up to date with the latest regulations and hygiene issues as well as receiving strict annual, mandatory audits. Training includes advice on the principles of food safety as well as the correct management of food safety systems.

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