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Leading Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) specialists, Borri Ltd, has received an unprecedented number of enquiries following the announcement of its latest back-up power solution. Modular, scalable and flexible, The Primacy has broken efficiency boundaries, and it seems that the data centre market has earmarked it as the UPS of choice.

Designed exclusively by Borri S.p.A, The Primacy delivers unity output (kVA = kW), complete power protection and delivers industry leading efficiency levels of up to 99.5% at half load. As many manufacturers are still trying to break through the perceived “glass

ceiling” of 95% whilst retaining high levels of protection, this impressive achievement by Borri is being hailed as one of the greatest breakthroughs in UPS development.

Scalable from 60kVA to 800kVA, The Primacy innovatively comprises three sophisticated modes of operation, which include Ultra High Efficiency (UHE), Active Filtering and Green Conversion. Its high-tech modular construction makes it not only the most efficient UPS solution on the market but also the most cost effective and adaptable.

Power modules come in 60kVA, 80kVA and 100kVA and, for trouble-

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UPS solution breaks efficiency ceiling

free maintenance, can be accessed from the front of the unit and easily pulled out for servicing. This feature also provides valuable space saving advantages.

Reinforced by new IGBT technology, The Primacy’s advanced modulation system and transformer free technology guarantees a highly efficient power conversion. As the power supply returns within the minimum functioning parameters set by the user, the inverter will instruct the UPS to revert back to UHE mode from both the Green and Active Filter modes. Bertie Bulb: the face of Recolight

A low-energy light bulb on a high energy mission to recycle, Bertie Bulb is the mascot of specialist recycling scheme, Recolight, and is starring in his own online video to show just how easy it is for households to recycle their low- energy light bulbs.

Recolight is committed to increasing

recycling rates by providing easy and convenient recycling facilities for all. In the last two years, Recolight has worked in partnership with

Homebase, Robert Dyas, Sainsbury’s and several local authorities to provide 800 more locations where householders can take their low- energy light bulbs for recycling. Previously the only option for consumers was to travel to a Local Council Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), of which there are 1,100 across the UK.

Last August, Bertie Bulb toured the UK, visiting new consumer collection points from Southampton to Dundee.

Armstrong can relieve your

summer HVAC pressure If you’re expecting higher than average pressure on your building’s HVAC system this summer, then contact Armstrong. Armstrong can help you avoid untimely breakdowns of your boosted water supply or your heating and ventilation pumping or pressurisation equipment by providing a Planned Maintenance Visit. An Armstrong engineer will ensure that all pumping equipment is operating correctly and offer advice on strategic spares that you may wish to have available for your


site. Their advice is applicable for all products in the Armstrong family – old and new – covering pump brands including Armstrong, Holden and Brooke, Baric Pumps, Crane, Pullen and Howard Anderson.

The Armstrong Services Team can also provide other services including routine maintenance contracts, repair and refurbishment, re- building of equipment on site and modification upgrades to help your HVAC systems cope under pressure.

The tour was a success, receiving coverage in local newspapers along the route, and helping to promote low-energy light bulb recycling to consumers. Bertie Bulb is now fast becoming the face of consumer recycling along with the strap line “be bright recycle your light”. @bertiebulb CLICK HERE to watch the video.

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