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Flowcrete UK is promoting its rapid response flooring solution in its ongoing Get More From Floors campaign, which uses a multi-media approach to show specifiers how floors can play a major role in supporting good working environments.

Flowcrete’s Flowfast is a fast cure methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin floor coating, which is generally ready for use just two hours after

installation. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, Flowfast achieves full chemical and physical cure at an accelerated rate compared to other industrial resin systems, minimising disruption to working environments.

The system, used extensively across commercial and industrial environments worldwide, is explored in detail by Flowcrete at the Get More From Floors online portal, available at www.flowcrete. more-from-floors/ get-more-speed. Pulling together content including video, case studies and technical data, the Get More From Floors resource centre shares Flowcrete’s 30 years’ wide-ranging experience and flooring expertise to help those tasked with selecting floor finishes make informed decisions. Get More From Floors, Get More Speed is the fourth of six subjects being explored throughout the long running campaign, following on from the issues of durability, hygiene and safety.

The Flowfast range is available in finishes including multi-coloured quartz beads, as well as a choice of coloured, glitter or metallic flakes. The quartz system is ideal for working environments and can achieve a slip resistant surface for slippery and wet conditions. It can also be specified with the added benefit of coving, to create a totally sealed floor-to-wall environment. Another popular choice in the range is the decorative flake system Flowfast Terrosso, which combines decorative qualities with durability to deliver an exceptional finish for corridors and other high traffic areas.

Alan Dean, Managing Director of Flowcrete, said: “The Flowfast system is ideal for application where a complete or part floor refurbishment is needed but operations cannot be disrupted. Alternatively it is the ideal flooring product to speed up construction programmes on new-build projects, and can be laid on both asphalt and concrete substrates.” @Flowcrete

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IES and Daikin UK launch VRV system specification tool A new specification tool, enabling consultants to make accurate climate control system efficiency calculations at the design stage, has been launched by Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) in conjunction with Daikin UK.

The Daikin VRV Systems Plug-in is fully integrated with the IES Virtual Environment 2012 (IES VE 2012) and delivers advanced modelling capability for heat pump and heat recovery VRV systems.


The software allows architects and engineers to accurately predict an entire system’s efficiency in- situ from the outset of a project, helping to ensure that systems meet today’s tough energy efficiency legislation and building regulations, while reducing the risk of over- specification and helping to control project costs.

The Daikin plug-in is free, requiring IESVE 2012 modules ModelIT, ApacheSim, ApacheCalc

and/or ApacheLoads. However training is required to ensure the best VRV system is chosen and is installed correctly.

As an IES Accredited Training Partner, Daikin will be running training sessions in customers’ offices and in training centres across the country. Once completed, trained users will simply be able to download the plug-in from Daikin’s website.

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