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steel work is designed and manufactured in house, platforms and ladders are produced to BS4211 as standard. For specialist applications EB can manufacture the vessels with: • A dual wall to allow for leak detection • Atex compliant with explosion protection/suppression • Wras approved construction for potable water industry • Food grade construction for Bakeries and other food uses • Improved insulation by the addition of polyurethane within the vessel wall

• External pigmentation for light sensitive products or to match existing buildings Vessel design can also take into account pressures, internal up to 2 bar, external up to 1 bar, snow and wind loading, local loading situations through attachment of filters, flanges, access platforms and associated equipment.

Chemical industries are offered multi options of GRP tank construction. Mild corrosive substances are well accommodated in tanks produced from Isophalic polyester resins. The resulting improved chemical and degradation resistant properties of Vinylester resins perform well in the heavy duty demands of petro-chemical storage and the handling of associated derivatives. Food and potable water industries are given a special emphasis in terms of resin selection. The immensely smooth, seamless finish and the absence of jointing obstructions and other contaminating factors are obvious benefits over stainless steel and aluminium fabrication. EB tanks and silos are natural storage solutions for sugar, salt, flours, molasses, oils and the multitude of similar products.

The storage of synthetic products such as granulated plastics are well matched with glass-reinforced plastic. Due to the smooth inner wall, the limited risk of condensation due to the high insulation value in contrast to steel and aluminium silos. Vessels can be additionally post cured to further improve the structural properties and to eliminate the chance of contamination of stored product from the vessels styrene emissions. Equally, other product characteristics, such as product temperature stability, are integral production considerations. In recent years EB has continued to develop the product range with the addition of internal storage silos. These silos have been well received in markets such as biomass and

milling. With the ability to tailor make solution’s to fit the space available from room heights as low as 2m. A typical silo consists of a galvanised steel structure with the silo suspended inside this; the silo is manufactured from a patented UV protected material with exceptional strength, in most cases six times more than required. Another feature is the ability to contain even fines during product delivery whilst dissipating the air through the fabric material, this feature also helps to reduce the risk of condensation.

Automated materials conveying is also part of our service. Having originated the centre less auger some forty years ago and is recognised to be the only system to be fully produced in the UK, with the entire system from the extruded PP outer case, injection moulded components and steel flight designed and manufactured in dedicated production sectors at Barnsley, Yorkshire.

The EB system is unique. It is totally enclosed, ensuring dust free conveying with no risk of product contamination and no requirements for filters. The system operates in a multitude of angles and directions without limitation on distance. It’s simplicity of design provides sound, economical reliable efficiency. All inlets, outlets and conveyer tubing are manufactured from 100% food grade virgin polypropylene. Installation is equally simple, without complexity and without the need for detailed drawings. A range of diameters are available to match customer’s individual applications. Conveniently located on the main motorway network, EB have a fleet of purpose-built wagon and trailers, specially equipped with a uniquely designed hydraulic tipping system to facilitate silo and tank delivery and installation. Experienced after-sales service teams; geared to reducing product down time, offer a complete installation, fast repair or routine maintenance on-site service. EB's technical and commercial advice is backed by the best modern practice and by their constant ability to adapt new technologies to benefit the specific interests of their industry.

EB caters for all customer requirements from 4m3 to 120m3

one off bespoke vessels, to multi silo/tank orders. For more information contact EB Equipment on tel: 01226 730037 or visit:

May 2012 • Solids & Bulk Handling 9 ,

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