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Hillhead Preview Invicta Vibrators Stand: B31

The Invicta stand at Hillhead 2012 will principally feature the new range of BLz 78 and BL 80 rotary electric vibrators. These robust units with an 8-bolt fixing arrangement are amongst the most powerful vibrator motors currently available anywhere and can supply centrifugal forces of up to 23000 kgf from a 12.5 kW winding. The whole BLz range of vibrators is ATEX-approved for use in Zone 21 and 22 areas.

In addition a broad selection of electrically-powered models for use on vibratory feeders, conveyors, screens and discharge devices will be on display along with hydraulically-driven rotary vibrators designed for use on mobile equipment and in locations where no power supply is available.

Part of the stand will be devoted to pneumatic piston vibrators, designed for low output applications, and a display of Invicta control panels suitable for single or multiple vibrator installations incorporating control logic, current monitoring, running interlocks and various designs of braking system.

Liebherr Stand Z9

Liebherr is exhibiting at Hillhead once again and is also demonstrating at the working face and in the recycling area. On demonstration will be the R 964 C SME Litronic excavator in full quarrying configuration, together with Liebherr’s biggest wheeled loader in the comprehensive range – the hydrostatic drive L 5862plus2. Being premiéred in the UK is the new generation R 950 SME excavator and also making its UK debut is the new Mobilmix 2.5 concrete batching plant, which is displayed with two of Liebherr’s hydraulic truckmixers, the highly successful HTM 804P. Also on static display will be an L 5662plus2 loading shovel, a PR 734 LGP fully hydrostatic low ground pressure bulldozer and, representing Liebherr’s versatile range of industrial rehandlers for the recycling industry, a wheeled long-reach A 924 C with a hydraulically elevating cab. Liebherr’s hospitality complex this year also includes a separate suite dedicated to the ever-popular Liebherr Shop where scale models, clothing and other promotional items can be viewed and ordered.

Lombard Stand: G10

There is little doubt that 2012 will be a year of challenges for many businesses. The difference though, is how businesses approach these potential difficulties. Will they wait for the recovery process to pick up before making any investment commitments, or will they take the decision to focus on what is within their control? At Lombard, the UK’s leading and most experienced asset finance provider, we believe wholeheartedly in the latter – it’s imperative that we build resilient businesses that can better weather the current climate and give us the best chance of success.

Kingfisher Industrial Stand: C15

At Hillhead 2012, total solution provider, Kingfisher Industrial, is exhibiting its full range of wear protection lining systems - ceramics, metallics and polymers. By incorporating these systems into process plant and equipment, they reduce maintenance costs and considerably improve the operating life and performance of quarrying and mining equipment, such as crushers, storage hoppers, screens, washing barrels, chutes and pipework. In displaying typical equipment utilised within the industry, Kingfisher will demonstrate the flexibility in being able to engineer the system to be incorporated inside plant that is used to handle, store or process various aggressive and difficult to handle minerals and aggregates.

Engineers will be on hand to explain the pros and cons of system suitability and will be able to give examples of recent successes in

combating the ever increasing dilemma of maintenance of

equipment V continuity of operation.

While there are many businesses that have already discovered the many benefits of asset finance, we believe that there are still too many that are unaware of this flexible form of finance, and the opportunities that it provides.

Maptek Stand: R9 Maptek is a global technology company primarily focused on the mining industry. Maptek products include 3D laser mapping technology, 3D geological modelling and mine planning software. At Hillhead 2012 in addition to Maptek presenting its new quarry planning software package, Vulcan Quarry Modeller, we will be introducing the latest developments in 3D laser scanning including information about the new Maptek I-Site 8800 long range laser scanning solution for extractive industries. The I-Site 8800 has been developed for delivering the next generation in scanning hardware providing increased versatility and safety monitoring on quarry sites. It features outstanding accuracy and an easy to use productive interface. Fast and reliable scans aligned with Maptek digital imaging and modelling software have led to Croft Quarries being able to use rock face analysis to detect less than half a metre sized changes and

determine where rock falls have originated.

May 2012 • Solids & Bulk Handling 55

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