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Health & Safety - including Dust Control

A much more cost-effective and safer solution As Edwards has also noticed, the SkipVac is far more cost- effective: “The SkipVac and pipework systems have dramatically reduced the time and manpower it used to take to deal with the dust build up. It only takes a third of the time it used with half the manpower.”

With flexible hoses instead of brooms, brushes and shovels,

Turning a major problem into a solution The amounts of dust and finings involved when the crushing plant and the mill is running at normal levels can be huge. As much as 10 tonnes of dust can be shifted by the SkipVac in an afternoon assuming a weekly housekeeping schedule, all of which is removed from around the plant and recycled. The SkipVac has also changed the attitude of the operatives to housekeeping as well, as Edwards notes: “Our operators have really taken to using the SkipVac. They know it’s much faster, easier and safer, and far less back breaking.” The advice, training and help from Gotland was also much appreciated by Edwards and his staff: “Gotland proved a very good company to work with, as the support and advice has been just as good as the equipment they provided.”

So for Gypsum Industries, having tried other methods of dust suppression and removal to deal with their significant dust issues, the Gotland way is proving to be the best by far, as Edwards is happy to reinforce: “Where we used to have a major dust problem, thanks to Gotland we now have a simple and wholly effective solution to the dust issues at our mining and the manufacturing areas.”

For more information contact Gotland on tel: 01737 24 66 49 or visit:

Lock secures United Biscuits win with efficiency improving retro-fits

Lock Inspection Systems, worldwide suppliers of metal detection equipment, has worked with United Biscuits to help improve the processing efficiency of its multi-bag crisp packing lines and reduced product wastage as a direct result of retrofitting their snack lines with 62 throat metal detectors. The packing lines were originally fitted with conventional end of line metal detectors which were inspecting sealed multi-packs of crisps each containing up to nine individual bags of the snack product at the end of the packaging process – however the main drawback when inspecting sealed multi-packs, was the wastage potential if a foreign metal object was detected in one individual bag, then the entire multi-pack would be rejected. In contrast Lock’s MET30+ Universal throat metal detectors were retrofitted to crisp packing lines within the confined space between the outlet of the multi head weigher and the inlet to the VFFS bag maker in order that crisps were inspected during the free-fall prior to entering the bag. Without the hindrances of the metalised film packaging the throat metal detectors are working at optimum level and have reduced product waste. Originally Lock’s successful bid, under United Biscuit’s primary central E-Sourcing event to streamline the company’s purchasing process, secured an initial order of 18 throat metal detectors to be installed at UB’s Billingham site. Subsequently a further 44 throat metal detectors have been installed within this site,

30 Solids & Bulk Handling • May 2012

making Lock UB’s designated and preferred supplier of throat metal detectors. Simon Taylor, of Lock Inspection Systems, commented: “Following our initial bid we supplied United Biscuits with a machine for a one month trial period, to demonstrate that our equipment would meet the manufacturer’s waste reduction and efficiency

objectives. When completing a retro-fit, it is essential that line disruption is kept to a minimum, which we achieved with the installation of our compact throat metal detectors which require less than 274mm of installation space and can be fitted without making any alterations to the existing line.”

Paul Simcox, project engineer for United Biscuits, commented:

“Lock’s MET30+ Universal throat metal detectors have exceeded our expectations in waste reduction and optimising the packaging efficiency of the lines.” For more information contact Lock Inspection on tel: 0161 624 0333 or visit:

it is much easier and safer for operatives to get into all the awkward nooks and crannies under the belts. Instead of having to work in very dusty conditions, all the dust is now sucked up into the SkipVac’s own hopper, and as the system is fully enclosed from nozzle to hopper, there’s no dust exposure issues.

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