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Welcome to the OPP Deal Zone, the place where overseas property professionals from around the world come together to present large-scale investment opportunities to our global readership audience of more than 110,000 developers and agents. We want to help you fi nd that next great deal.

ITALY: Nineteenth Century lakeside villa

1. Project description: Located in the town of Orta San Giulio, this is a lakefront villa built in the Moorish style, and the whole building is perfectly preserved. The palace was built at the end of the Nineteenth Century, and it is about 1,000 sqm surrounded by a park of 3,000 sqm. The villa is on three floors and is served by a lift. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, three dining rooms, living room with decorated ceilings and a veranda with windows overlooking the park. On the upper floors there are fourteen bedrooms, 14 en-suite bathrooms, a spa with a sauna, steam room and fitness room. The central tower offers views across Lake Orta. The property includes a minaret. The architectural style has been inspired by the Orient.

2. Location: Lake Orta, Italy. 3. Type of deal: Seeking a buyer / developer. 4. Value: €15 million. 5. Contact: and quote Reference Number 18.

CYPRUS: Luxury apartment development

1. Project description:The Iris Residences development is designed with high-end, ultra-chic and environmentally-friendly buyers in mind. The scheme offers six 2 and 3-bedroom high specification apartments with an emphasis on living space. The top floor apartments feature a roof garden with provision for private swimming pools. Carefully considered interiors have been selected for their quality. The development is located in the centre of Limassol, not more than 1,6 km from the coastline. The building will off er impressive and prestigious entrance and adequate covered parking facilities. Delivery: April 2013.

2. Location: The development is located in the centre of Limassol, not far from the sea. 3. Type of deal: We are seeking buyers. 4. Value: 2 bedroom apartment –from €292,000( including VAT). 3 bedroom apartment- from- €344,000 (including VAT). Value of six 2 and 3 bedroom apartments: €2,051,000 including VAT. Total value at least €10 million. 5. Contact: : and quote Reference Number 19.

SPAIN: New housing project

1. Project description: We have bought an urban plot and are ready to start building 2,504 new homes. We have all of the necessary permits and authorisation documents. The development has the support of the Regional Government of Murcia. A full business plan with detailed cash flow projects and contractual agreements is in place. Our site can be seen in more detail at

2. Location: Murcia in Spain. The new housing plot is located next to “The United Golf Resort” and and is situated 14km from the coast. 3. Type of deal: We are looking to develop the project and we need finance partners for phase, which comprises 949 units at a cost of €118 million approx. We are happy to consider JVs or equity agreements. 4. Value: We have an independent valuation study from TINSA which estimates the land value alone at €97 million. The project will be self-financing from Phase One onwards. The full project cost will be €399.8 million over a 6-year build schedule. 5. Contact: and quote Reference Number 20.

BRAZIL: Residential development in Bahia

1. Project description: Developer Alphaville has chosen Lauro de Freitas as the site for its Alphaville concept. Already hugely successful in locations such as São Paulo, the company is a leader in transforming peripheral urban into prime residential real estate, and their project on the north coast of Salvador has already completed phase one … 400+ units on the Alphaville north coast were released and sold out in three days. The 14,240 m2 privately-held site is conveniently located between the main roundabout of the first phase of Alphaville north coast and the entrance of the second phase.

2. Location: The 14,240 m2 site is a mainly flat, rectangular plot bordering the main road linking phases 1 and 2 of Salvador’s north coast Alphaville residential development and is in the Lauro de Freitas suburb.

3. Type of deal: There are several options available, including a joint venture with the current owner, a developer and success- ful real estate agent, with a minimum initial cash investment of R$8,000,000 (approximately €3,636,336) at project start. 4. Value: Gross Developed Value is estimated at BRL46.54 (€21.15) million. 5. Contact: Reference Number 21.

This column will appear every month here, in the hard copy edition of OPP magazine, as well as on our website. We will also be putting all of the deals into a monthly OPP Deal Zone newsletter.

If you have a project that you would like to see included in a future OPP Deal Zone contact our commercial director Andy Grimley today on +44(0)20 8734 3972 or email Andy at: andy.grimley@richmondgreen-

When you send through the de- tails, make sure to fill in details for points one to four, listed opposite for every deal.

Tell us what the scheme is all about and give a general over- view in the project description paragraph. Tell the readers of OPP what you have to offer and what the key benefits and selling points of the project are likely to be.

Next, give brief outline details of the location and how it is linked to things like the local road network and the nearet in- ternational airport. For coastal developments and resorts, also tell potential investors how far it is the beach and / or the local tourist attactions.

In parts three and four, tell us what sort of deal you want and how much funding you are looking for. Make sure that this is at least US $10 miilion - we will not list schemes worth less than this.

And finally, leave it to us to pro- mote the idea for free.



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