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MAY 2012 | WORDS | Lyndsey McAllister Marketing leadership

Every month OPP profi les the winners of the latest OPP Awards for Excellence and gives you the real reasons why the best in the business scoped up the prizes and impressed our judging panel of more than 40 industry leaders from all around the world. This month we are looking at who took the prizes in the Best Marketing Campaign and who was the Best Financial Services Provider in the business. Lyndsey McAllister reports.


What did OSKP say in its application form? “OSKP is currently undergoing a transformation as we work to take the company to the next level. We are looking at our products, operational and technical strategies, and our market position. We understand that effective product positioning is important to success, especially when promoting a new product. Our latest signature project, Mirage By The Lake, is a holistic development that will appeal to every generation. The project won the Asia Pacifi c Property Awards 2011 in the Architecture Multiple Residence and High-Rise Architecture categories for its design, landscaping and extensive green features. Mirage By The Lake is the fi rst

development in Malaysia with a circular design and the teams engaged in its creation were all award winners and leaders in their own fi eld. This combination of knowledge, skill and

What does OSK Property Holdings Berhad do?

OSK Property Holdings Bhd’s (OSKP) was formed in 1997 and is based in Malaysia, focusing on generating value for its customers and shareholders via a series of land banks in strategic areas, and a property development portfolio that encompasses high quality residential, commercial and township projects. OSK Property has more than 120 professional and highly qualified employees and it puts great emphasis on recruiting people with a strong educational background and the skills and knowledge necessary to drive the company forwards. The plan is to ensure a sustainable expansion plan, an efficient organizational structure and a sales turnover of more than RM500 million a year. OSKP will continue to concentrate on innovative and sustainable projects across Malaysia.

experience brought a unique vision to the project. Our target markets are: people looking for luxury, modern resort living aged 30 or above with an income of RM 22,000 per month (these buyers are often looking for villas); and RM 9,000 per month for condominium buyers and who live or work in the surrounding areas, such as Puchong, Serdang, Putrajaya or Kuala Lumpur city centre. We also market

to expatriates at the headquarters of international companies such as HSBC, Dell and Ericsson as well as airline professionals. Kuala Lumpur airport is located 20 minutes away from the project. We believe that the typical purchaser in these sort of markets is usually well educated, widely traveled and able to appreciate a one-of-a-kind high-end development.

The Mirage marketing campaign Malaysia | OSKP sold the project using the idea of a modern family oasis as its theme

made use of a RM7.8 million budget for the whole campaign beginning in 2010 focusing on print, but including direct mail, SMS blasting, emails, outdoor ads, public relation campaigns and promotional tie-ins. Emphasis was placed on newspapers, popular property magazines and luxury lifestyle magazines. Our primary message to potential consumers was, “Nature, Art and Masterpiece,” and the image was of a modern family oasis, designed for contemporary living. All of the images we used were designed to look like paintings with the black and white logo appearing along with precise information about the development. Overall, the campaign

pitched a lifestyle to the consumer, proposing a home that would invoke a sense of tranquility and belonging. A positive image is essential to any brand but - with property - we feel that it has to have the ability to make an immediate but memorable impact, especially for a product that will only ever receive one single launch advertising push. A signifi cant challenge was the lack of actual images. The artists’ impressions were attractive, but lacking in emotion, This problem was addressed by carefully integrating human elements into the images, and our visual treatments were kept to a uniform style throughout.

The design direction of the project has already proven to be iconic, with its look and feel being carried over to an identically named development in Kuala Lumpur, Mirage Residence KL ... also by OSKP. Serving its purpose as a means of creating presence for Mirage in the market, the campaign also positioned OSKP as a premier developer who pays as much attention to its communications as it does to its developments. This serves as a branding effort that is essential in creating a trustworthy image for OSKP. A marketing campaign that places form over function is not ideal; it has however been a perfectly balanced effort by Mirage by the lake with almost complete sales of its fi rst condominium phase and rapidly growing interest for its second phase. Malaysia’s property forums, such

as thinkproperty, myrealestate, malaysiapropertynews and lowyat, all say that the Mirage campaign has been received positively, indicating that our communication approach has sold the development and what it has to offer well. And we are now seeing the tangible results in strong sales figures.”


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