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The Fabbri Group has five Smashing Jump rides on order. All are travelling versions, for customers in Belgium, Holland (2), Germany and France. As well as the original 12-car version, a new 8-arm ride is available fully self-contained on one trailer. The manufacturer has also sold a Flying Swinger (Wave Swinger) to a British showman for operation at Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park this festive season.

Technical Park has sold a Loop Fighter to the British showman Stanley Reeves (S&D Leisure).

Switzerland’s ABC Rides has started work on the production of four freefall towers. Similar to the rides found inside Merlin Entertainments’ various Dungeon attractions, they will form part of a wider dark ride concept.

Madurodam, the park in The Hague featuring 1:25 miniature replicas of many Dutch landmarks, is closing its gates for a major overhaul lasting five months. A reported €8m will be spent on new interactive attractions, digital signage and a playground. The park will reopen on April 1.

This photograph was taken in Jet Street, which has been themed somewhere between Art Deco and Flash Gordon.

1) On the left hand side you see the Jetline, our old BHS/Zierer coaster designed by Anton Schwarzkopf, diving down over Vilda Musen, our Wild Mouse by Gerstlauer. The two coasters use the same frame, which is quite unusual.

2) This is Frittfall (by Intamin), which started life an observation tower until we retrofitted it into a Giant Drop, which then became Europe’s highest.

3) In the middle the big white star-shaped ride is Extreme, a Top Scan from Mondial.

4) Towards the very rear of the photo you see the big Gröna Lund stage where artists have been performing since 1928, including such names as Abba, Alice Cooper, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and T-Rex.

5) Here you see the sign for the Rock Jet, which is a Musik Express ride. It’s moved around a bit over the years, but ended up on the roof of building because we are a very compact park and had no other place to put it!

Peter Osbeck, Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden

Zamperla has sold its first Water Fight interactive splash ride, set to open in 2012 at Leolandia Minitalia, the park it used to co-own near Milan. As part of a new pirate themed area, the Italian manufacturer supplied three rides this past season to the same park, namely Jumping Tower 16 with rotating central column, a merry-go-round and a set of tea cups.

Center Parcs has chosen Theming and Animatronics Industries (TAA) to develop rock work for the Aquariaz pool at its Avoriaz Aquatics Center in the French Alps. TAA will also be working on its fourth consecutive Sea Life project for Merlin Entertainments. The new aquarium in Kansas City, set to open 2012, follows work for TAA at Sea Life Porto (Portugal) and American outlets Sea Life Arizona and Sea Life Dallas.



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