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Front Gate


Bob Iger is to stay at the Walt Disney Company until 2016, but will relinquish his role as CEO in 2015 as part of a newly announced succession plan.“Under the new agreement, effective October 1, Iger will assume the role of chairman in addition to chief executive officer following chairman John E Pepper’s retirement from the board at Disney’s 2012 annual shareholder meeting in March. Until then, Iger will remain president and chief executive officer,” Disney said in a statement. “Iger will hold the positions of chairman and chief executive officer through [to] March 31, 2015, at which time a new CEO would be named; Iger will thereafter serve as executive chairman for 15 months through June 30, 2016. Iger’s current contract was set to expire on January 31, 2013.”

Goliath, a suspended looping Boomerang coaster from Vekoma, is to be the newest addition to Six Flags New England, Agawam, Massachusetts. The ride, which formerly operated at California's Six Flags Magic Mountain, will reside in the Crack Axle Canyon section of the park and will make its debut in late spring of 2012.

As well as the SkyScreamer (Star Flyer) announced last issue, Six Flags Great Adventure will also add a bumper car track and Eli Bridge Scrambler for 2012, as well reintroducing the Flying Elephants ride that formerly appeared in the Golden Kingdom section of the New Jersey park.

Atlanta’s Six Flags Over Georgia will celebrate its 45th anniversary by introducing six new shows for 2012. Two new productions will debut inside the Crystal Pistol Music Hall, including an illuminated dance show. Other shows include the return of We Got the Beat in the Bugs Bunny World Theater, a ’60s-inspired dance show in the USA section of the park and the return of a “fan favourite” show during Fright Fest 2012.


Are you noticing a demand for more active or ‘healthy’ attractions?

Kåre Dyvekær, Sommerland Sjaelland, Denmark: Our park has a focus on active rides and installations, like our Jungle Path and trampolines. We have had this focus for a long time, however the trend for being active has grown over the past few years. Families want more than just a passive ride on a

rollercoaster and we have had very positive comments about our new ropes course as well interactive installations guests can enjoy with their mobile phone. We expect this trend to continue.

Greg Charbeneau, Wild Adventures Theme Park, USA: Our guests not only want to be entertained and even educated, but they also want something to interact with. While they aren’t specifically asking for physically challenging attractions, they are asking to be engaged, whether it’s feeding one of our giraffes,

assisting a team member in a live show, or riding a giant water slide as a family.

Craig Ross, Dollywood, USA: We look for unique attractions and certainly the size and scope of our Adventure Mountain project provided both. As an RCI ropes course, it offers an active and

participatory experience at a time when kids are not getting

as much exercise. However, the opportunity for the family to participate in an experience together was the real reason the attraction was selected. It has been hugely popular for families and it is providing an active rather than passive theme park experience.

Figures of Fun


US dollars – cost of admission to Florida’s Walt Disney World when it opened on October 1, 1971


US dollars – cost of adult admission to Legoland Florida, which opens October 15


metres – height of observation deck on Sydney Tower Observatory, relaunched last month by Merlin Entertainments as the Sydney Tower Eye


square metres – size of world’s largest aquatic stage, as featured in Mangrove Groove at OCT Bay in Shenzhen, China


number of pumpkins used as part of Tivoli’s Halloween celebrations in Copenhagen

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Ups & Downs

Yo Chi Minh - Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City declared 2011 as “Year for Children” with plans to build 10 new amusement parks

Jewellery Lifted - A necklace valued at

€14,000 has been stolen from Titanic – The Exhibition at Tivoli in Copenhagen

Avatar Attraction - Disney is working with James Cameron to develop an Avatar theme park experience

No Chi Minh - Only three of the 10 parks planned in Ho Chi Minh City have been built

Resort Award - Blackpool has been voted “Best UK Resort for Groups” by readers of Group Leisure magazine



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